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Cows milk cyprus

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melsy · 25/04/2005 20:28

Whats it like , not unlike mummy , dd is fussy about her milk!!. Whats it like in Cyprus , going very soon.

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melsy · 26/04/2005 09:08

bump for morn

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sweetmonkey · 26/04/2005 09:36

sorry dont have an answr but i never drink milk or eat meat when abroad. im too scared its gonna taste manky!!
i know the milk smells diff in other countries, never been brave enough t try though


teabelly · 26/04/2005 16:36


One of our 'due in june' ladies currently lives in cyprus (but she has family over this week so won't see this message) I've sent her a CAT and hopefully when she's able to turn on her PC again she'll CAT you back with some info. HTH


Pinotmum · 26/04/2005 16:40

I was in Cyprus in 2000 when I was pregnant with dd. As I had the most awful heart burn I used to drink milk at night to ease the discomfort and I found the milk was fine, not much different to here. I used to buy it and put it in the mini bar fridge by the gallon.


Mum2Ela · 26/04/2005 16:46

I go to Cyprus every year (mum and dad have a home there)and its much the same as here. I don't notice any difference.



melsy · 27/04/2005 10:15

thanx girls, wouldbe good to pick your due in june friends brain!! have some other threads on various silly questions !!

OP posts:

Cooperoo · 27/04/2005 13:38

Hi there,
I am the 'due in June' lady in question. I got a CAT from Tea so thought I would jump on line to see if I can help. I don't notice any difference in the milk out here. The stuff we have is packaged by Christies who also do feta cheese, cream, greek yoghurt etc and I believe export to the UK. My dd has the red carton (full fat) and we have the yellow one (semi skimmed). It is 55 cents per litre. It is fully pasturised and completely safe. I will see if there are any other of your threads I can help with while I am on here as I won't be back on for a while. Just jumping on line while family are sunbathing. (The pork is excellent out here by the way, much tastier than the UK as are most of the fruit and vegetables). Hope you enjoy your visit.


Cooperoo · 27/04/2005 13:39

Feel free to CAT me if you would like.


melsy · 27/04/2005 13:49

Im so looking forward to real tasting fruit !!!

OP posts:

Cooperoo · 27/04/2005 14:11

Recommend the oranges and the tomatoes!!! (Obviously not together!) Oh and strawberries at the moment, mmmmmmmm.

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