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Car seats query

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Bradbox · 19/04/2003 11:59

We have a 1.5 year old and last week we had twins. Does anyone have advice for which cars can safely have 3 car seats in the back?

We currently have an Alfa Romeo which is great, because you can turn off the passenger air bag. What other manufacturers have a similar feature?

OP posts:
miriamw · 19/04/2003 12:57

Congratulations on the twins!
If you order new, then quite a few manufacturers can turn off the passenger airbag. We have a Mazda and have had to get a special car seat which deactivates the passenger airbag (which I belive Mercedes also use). Recent Peugeot models have a switch as do Renault I believe. With Ford and VW we would have had to order new and get the airbags deactivated for good.
Sorry - can't help on the 3 car seat issue - one I'm hoping not to face!

Claireandrich · 19/04/2003 21:25

You can turn the airbag off with a button in an Audi too.

Can't help with the 3 seats in the back though - sorry. Maybe some the other people carriers can fit them; maybe something like the Fiat Multipla?

Congratulations and welcome to the twins.

ralph · 19/04/2003 22:08

We have a VW sharan and have 3 car seats on the middle row of seats, which works really well.
Also the sharan has a massive boot for all the buggies and shopping, we can easily fit in our double buggy and single buggy together.

judetheobscure · 19/04/2003 22:26

Well, our Renault Espace can fit three seats in the middle row and I should imagine all the people carriers can do this. Also distinctly recall having three children in the back of a Vauxhall Nova, two in normal carseats and one on a booster seat - so I'm sure there would be many cars that could do the three carseat job.
Renault Espace airbags can't be turned off - at least that's what our dealer said.

carriemac · 20/04/2003 08:41

We had twims when ds was 2, we bought a Rennault Senic which fits 3 car seats in the back, good boot space too.

edgarcat · 20/04/2003 10:49

Message withdrawn

Molecule · 20/04/2003 23:11

We have a Fiat Multipla, and can fit 3 car seats in the back, with plenty of room. The air bag can also be de-activated quite easily. Altogether a very well thought out car, boot space quite adequate for shopping/dogs etc, easy to park as it's so short, but be warned; other Mutipla drivers always wave/flash lights which makes DH cringe. I think it's a small price to pay for transporting 6 of us in comfort.

SoupDragon · 21/04/2003 08:38

You can fit 3 car seats in the back of a Laguna - the middle belt is a proper 3 point one. Ours is a 2001 version and you can NOT turn off the front passenger air bag. I think you can opt not to have one if buying from new though so some 2nd hand ones may not have them. Our older Laguna doen't have a passenger airbag but you can still put 3 seats across the back as the center one is again the full 3 point belt.

Stacks of boot space in both versions - enough for a stroller, pushchair, a set of golf clubs and a golf trolley and still a bit of space for shopping

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