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lanzarote playa blanca

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MAZDA · 14/04/2003 12:35


can anyone help we are off to the above with our 9mth son and we were wondering what the resort was like for buying baby essentials ie nappies maybe milk and the odd jar of food or so.
hope some one can fill us in as we are not too kenn on packing a weeks supply of everything due to the restrictions on allowances.

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whymummy · 14/04/2003 13:02

hi mazda,im from spain and i can reassure you youll be able to buy anything you want they sell huggies and pampers are called dodots,they have a great and tasty variety of baby foods,my dd loved all the baby cereals i bought there i cant remember what cow and gate was called but the box is very similar as for medicines the chemists over there are trained to give antibiotics for minor infections like conjuntivitis,chest,tooth and ear infeccions so you don`t have to rush to a doctors,relax and enjoy your holiday

sprout · 14/04/2003 13:46

Hi Mazda, we were there in January, though dd was old enough to not need any baby stuff apart from a nappy at night. As long as you don't mind what brand, you can get nappies, lots of jars of food (and milk, I think, but it would be worth checking on that one). Mini supermarkets are everywhere, but we found them very expensive.
Have a great holiday!

MAZDA · 14/04/2003 17:30

thanks for your replies fingers crossed we have a good time.

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