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What is a bargain lakes holiday, even the self catering cottages are expensive, any ideas?

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fairyfly · 19/04/2005 16:39

Want self catering as cheap as possible for four children and two adults in August, any ideas?

OP posts:

Anteater · 19/04/2005 23:28

What dates??


fairyfly · 20/04/2005 21:29

Any dates, very flexible

OP posts:

roisin · 20/04/2005 22:29

Have you considered camping?

What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? If you go somewhere very picturesque in August it's going to be very pricey. But if you're prepared to travel in a bit some distance you should be able to find something cheaper.

I went past a big site with static caravans on the east shore of Windermere on Sunday: I've no idea what it's like, but it was between Windermere and Ambleside just off the main road?


tiffini · 20/04/2005 22:32

john fowler holidays
great for kids


grumpyfrumpy · 21/04/2005 13:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NomDePlume · 21/04/2005 13:25

LakeDistrict site with guide to camping sites etc


roisin · 21/04/2005 13:28

If you really want to get away from it all Camping Barns Quite basic facilities, probably more basic than most modern campsites, but the kids might love it!

I had a friend at university and all she wanted to do was sleep in a barn, and a group of us went to one overnight for a party for her 21st ... in DECEMBER!


Lonelymum · 21/04/2005 13:35

Have you thought of Youth Hostels? I believe they have greatly changed in the last few years. The YH in Ambleside is huge and has always been more hotel like than many YHs.


roisin · 21/04/2005 13:45

It's not my thread, but would like to hear more about Youth Hostels ... I just don't get them tbh. Whenever I look at them I don't think they are particularly cheap compared to say a Travel Lodge, or camping, or hiring a cottage for the week?

So what's the attraction? (I haven't stayed in one since I was a teenager btw.) Why would someone choose a YH over another budget option?


Lonelymum · 21/04/2005 13:48

Aren't they cheaper? As someone who hs camped and stayed in YHs, I suppose the attraction of both is that you can move around and are not tied to one place, but the thing YH's have over camping is you have a roof over your head.


RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 14:00

We stayed in house just outside KESWICK several years ago

will try to find details


RTKangaMummy · 21/04/2005 14:24

here it is


dyzzidi · 21/04/2005 17:19


I am impressed with their prices so far but have not actually used one yet.


JoolsToo · 21/04/2005 17:21

Anteater - any news on the house?


Hayls · 21/04/2005 17:28

WE're going to the HAven park in Flookburgh next week. Very reasonable, think it was £110 for 3 + dog for 4 nights in a 3 star 3 bedroom static with loads of on site stuff, including pool and restaurant. WE could have booked a much bigger and better caravan for not much extra but they don't allow dogs in the luxury caravans. If you're booking it do it on the iNternet as it's MUCH cheaper than the brochure states.

(John Folwer parks are also great although I've never been to the one in the Lakes)

GOod luck. Il ove the Lake District.


Anteater · 21/04/2005 23:17

Fairyfly, for some strange reason the last week in August (which includes a bank hol) is never well booked in the Lakes. Many statics and holiday cottages go free for this week.

Jools, our offer has been topped, we have to make final offers by next Thursday, so its a bit of a guessing game... We also have to make an offer for the heathed flock of Swaledales!


JoolsToo · 22/04/2005 18:18

Good luck then! keep us informed

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