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Would you be interested in a yoga holiday in South of France?

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pupuce · 18/04/2005 21:23

Some of you may remember my DH's dilema.... finding him a job, the discussion has led to him wanting to develop the B&B with a strong yoga holiday theme to it... very early stages but... would you be interested to go on a WE or a few days' holiday - not in a farm house or hippy like venue - but a pretty, comfortable south of France house.... where you could do yoga (optional) every morning and evening?
Food would be of the healthy kind (dinner optional).

Maybe even opt for a week or 2 week yoga retreat in this B&B?
Is this an idea you think could work? Would you go? Do you have friends who would be looking at that sort of holiday?

Looking on the web, there is very little like this in France.... often it is quite "tree hugging" sort of holiday (and there is nothing wrong with tree hugging!).
Kids would be welcomed, possibly entertained whilst parents did yoga.

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pupuce · 19/04/2005 09:43


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expatinscotland · 19/04/2005 09:49

I've been practicing yoga for over a decade. I'd LOVE a Birkram yoga holiday. But the option to try different kinds of yoga as well.

ggglimpopo · 19/04/2005 09:55

Message withdrawn

aloha · 19/04/2005 09:58

I think a yoga holiday with children is a fantastic idea. Yoga for children too?
I was reading your post and thinking 'yes, I'd LOVE to do a yoga holiday - I once went to the Caribbean where you could do a 7am yoga class every day and it was completely fantastic. I felt wonderful. But I thought, now I have children that's completely off limits, so I think a holiday with yoga, that's not too alternativey/therapyish with wine and kids, sounds really lovely and it is something I would definitely consider. Even dh might try it now he has a bad back!

northstar · 19/04/2005 10:00

Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. My mum attends alot of workshops and practises yoga 2 or 3 times a week. It would be a great present for me to give her a few days abroad, especially with an english-speaking base where she could eat healthily (but heartily) and do some walks and yoga and meet like-minded people. I will definately be watching out for further developments

Gizmo · 19/04/2005 10:08

Yup, I'd definitely try it.

Friends of mine (childless) have been on a number of such holidays, from a Yoga retreat in the Canaries to a Buddhist retreat in Wales. I loved the idea but couldn't go because of DS .

So...what would make it work? Certainly kid entertainment would help since it would keep my mind from scuttling off and worrying when it should be concentrating on my breathing. A country/seaside location to let the kids run wild a bit but ideally close enough to interesting town locations?

Aloha's right: please let it not be 'dry' - I know it's not purist but it is my holiday

deegward · 19/04/2005 10:14

Would love this, really would!

flashingnose · 19/04/2005 10:18

Where's my suitcase?

pupuce · 19/04/2005 10:34

It would be somewhere in Provence - the problem is that we will need money (that we don't have) to buy a big enough place or restore at least.... early days....
Anyone wants to invest?

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ggglimpopo · 19/04/2005 10:37

Message withdrawn

pupuce · 19/04/2005 10:58

Provence is £17 with Easy jet

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Chandra · 19/04/2005 11:02

Well... please excuse my honesty but if it helps, here it goes:

There are many hotels who offer yoga classes for residents and visitors alike -as they offer pilates, golf, etc-, so I would say that to make the experience attractive enough to make you spend your money to travel all the way down to the south of France, more than Yoga classes may be needed.

What about some organic/healthy eating cookery course offered at the same time ?(it may be fun for your guests to eat their afternoon's lesson ). Or a bicycle tour near to the countryside (if it's accessible), a head massage class or even some do-your-own-batik class?

I have spent a wonderful time in Canada where Yoga classes were held every afternoon, but I think the Yoga class was only part of a whole, that including a very intense contact with nature.

ggglimpopo · 19/04/2005 11:04

Message withdrawn

pupuce · 19/04/2005 11:41

Chandra - thank you... that is helpful
We need all the ideas and thoughts....

ggg - my parents and in-laws live in the South of France.... so we are first looking there....

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bran · 19/04/2005 12:48

pupuce, rather than buying a place of your own to start with, which would take a while and probably be a terrible money pit to set up, would you consider block booking somewhere suitable for the weeks that you want to run the holiday. You might be able to find somewhere new that would be grateful for the business and you could take over the whole place. That would allow you to build up clients and a reputation and to see whether it would be financially worth your while to buy a place and do it full-time.

I went on holiday last year with In:Spa and they do different locations around the world in small, luxury hotels. It's not quite the same as your holidays as it's more than just yoga (fortunately for me as it turns out I hate yoga), but I think there is definitely a gap for a lower-cost yoga-style holiday that you can take the kids along to. What I really liked about it was that there weren't many guests (16 max) and we all ate together. Although I hated the yoga classes I had a one-on-one session with the yoga teacher that I really enjoyed and found useful, so perhaps you could offer one hour's one-on-one included in the holiday.

Chandra · 19/04/2005 13:05

YEs, and you don't even need to teach the classes yourself, you can make an agreement with local yoga teachers, childminders, etc. To come to teach the classes at your own house.

P.S. TBH I find the oportunity of childminding far more attractive than the Yoga classes. I really miss to have some time for child unfriendly activities while in holidays like going to a museum without worrying of yuor toddler getting far too near to a piece. Or a night out without the children.

sorrel · 19/04/2005 16:25

YES WE WOULD COME.!!Dh would rather do tai chi though.Could you do airport pick ups? it would be excellent if you were within travelling distance of Nice airport as it has the most direct regional connections from the UK/IREL. Also can you make it possible to come on your own? that would really have me packing my case!

jabberwocky · 19/04/2005 16:35

We're in the states so practically speaking I don't know if I could come, but if we were in the UK I would definitely do it! I would also love it if there were family yoga classes available. I bought a book on this and am anxiously waiting for ds to get old enough to try it. After he watched me do yoga for the first time he went around all afternoon saying "Uuuup, doooon (down)" with the appropriate movements for forward bend. LOL it was too cute.

bluesky · 19/04/2005 18:52

I remember about a year ago an article in SHE I think about someone who had done this, can't remember the name though, I think she set up some also in Morzine, french mountains, will try to get brain ticking over.

I remember the article thinking I would love to do that, perhaps a long weekend, NO kids, bliss ....

bluesky · 19/04/2005 18:53

Actually it could have been EVE magazine!

noddyholder · 19/04/2005 19:07

I think it would be very popul;ar Good idea

Pruni · 19/04/2005 19:36

Message withdrawn

pupuce · 19/04/2005 22:06

Thank you guys - have just shown DH all your replies.... he is preparing his business plan and this gives him food for thought

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