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what do i need to consider when taking a one yr old to egypt please help first time mum

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fruits · 18/04/2005 09:34

hi im a first time mum and just booked a holiday to egypt im a bit worried as ds is only one and not sure what i can do to stop her ears popping when we take off also the water how do i make bottles by the way can i stop giving the bottles yet? she is taking food just has a bottle one in morning and one before bed. Also its going to be really hot so any advice on what factor sun cream. Just any info about taking a little one abroad would be great thanks

OP posts:
Frizbe · 18/04/2005 09:43

Hi fruits, try here flying with kids
or here
Both good sites with lots of info!

wizzysmum · 18/04/2005 23:34

Lucky you - wish I was going.
My dd is 15 months but I still give her either water or baby milk in a bottle depending on the time of day to help her ears. Don't let your son see it until you've actually started moving though otherwise he'll be full and disinterested. Lots of people give Calpol beforehand but I haven't tried it. My best tip is to ignore other passengers if your little boy should cry (he very well may not) and don't feel guilty. At least if he cries it reduces the pressure in his ears. Olbas oil on a tissue is another (smelly) one. I either take a travel kettle or use evian for bottles, and when dd was younger I used a travel steriliser (not needed at 1 but wouldn't do any harm if you're worried). About £10 from Tesco and does 2 bottles in 8 mins. I'd take lots of sachets of SMA (small tube ones) and some rusks so you can make up something you know you trust. Also mashed banana. To be safe I'd avoid buffets and ice cubes. High factor suncream - try it out for an allergy test before you go as some children can react to some products. Needs to protect against UVA and UVB. Get a sun block swimsuit - makes life more relaxing. It'll be fun, I promise. I have 4 kids and love taking them away.

Chuffed · 19/04/2005 09:39

where in Egypt are you going. We went when dd was 5mths old. I was told bottled water with less than 15mg/l of sodium is ok to use. They had 2 kinds of water at our resort no evian and one had low sodium and one didn't. We took a small washing liquid and a toothbrush to wash bottles then rinsed them with bottled water. Take any formula with you that you think you'll need.
dd has weetbix and banana for breakfast so if your ds has similar take weetbix with you.
Take some diarolyte or similar with you in case of worst case scenario and some calpol.
Also a blow up paddling pool as they can be handy if the only swimming pool is cold or crowded or there is only sea. Test the sunscreen and get a sunsuit if possible.
dd doesn't have any trouble with her ears going up or down on planes but just try to get ds to take a swallow which helps clear the ears.
Have fun - you'll love it!

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