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Days out in the Perthshire area - any ideas?

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Finbar · 10/04/2003 11:32

Does anyone have any good ideas for entertaining an 4 year old & a 18month old toddler in and around Perth/ Blairgowrie? - all activities considered!

Also - any tips for yummy child-friendly places to eat/ (am NOT cooking on this holiday!)

OP posts:
Hat · 10/04/2003 11:57

Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre near Comrie - lots of roaming animals,ducks, chicks etc and a huge park with swings. It's lovely to wander round on a sunny day. Our 2 year old loved it.

suedonim · 10/04/2003 12:37

Off the top of my head....Perth Leisure Centre (swimming pool), the Agricultural Centre, Noah's Ark (soft play), The AK Bell Library puts on lots of activities for children. North Inch and South Inch in Perth are both large parks. Also, pleasant play parks in Scone and Coupar Angus, loads of walks everywhere. Castles at Elcho and Huntingtower. Glass blowing at Caithness Galss, Inverlamond (You might not want to take them into the shop, though!!) Eateries in Perth are mostly grouped around the St John's Square area, the top of the old High St and Princess St area.

Take a look at the Tourist Board site as I'm sure it will have loads more ideas. Have a great holiday!

lorne · 10/04/2003 13:39

We too have been to Perth Leisure Pool, it was great also Noahs Ark. We also liked the Play Park in Pitlochry, it was really nice. Our favourite day out that way was Blair Drummond Saffari Park ,near Stirling. I know it is a good drive from Perth but my ds who is 3.7 absolutely loved it. He loved the big Pirate Ship there which was also a sand pit. Really good fun. We live up near Inverness but think Perth Shire is a lovely area. Have a great time.

Finbar · 10/04/2003 13:43

Thanks to all of you who have posted messages - it's the first time I've used this and I'm totally impressed.

Don't stop now!

OP posts:
susanmt · 11/04/2003 12:15

Glamis Castle (where the Queen Mother was born) is great for kids. Paco's restaurant opposite the City Hall is excellent for kids - they are very very helpful and the food is good! Next door is the Willow Tea Room (I think) and it has brilliant meruinges! There are all the usual fast food places in Perth and the KFC has an indoor soft play. Another good place with kids the the Wheel Inn in Scone (coming out of Perth, on the left just past the church) - it's a Brewer's Fayre type place with nice Soft Play and also outdoor play area on good days. There are swings at the South Inch (large park on the south side of Perth, you pass it coming in from Edinburgh) and also a boating pond, crazy golf etc. It's worth a trip to Dunkeld, which has a great riverside bit to walk along, the Cathedral is a ruin where kids are welcome to run about (at least ours did) and there are nice tea shops and dinky shops (if you are into that sort of things).
Remember also that Perth is only about an hour from Edinburgh (zoo is FAB for toddlers and older kids) and about an hour and a half from Glasgow.
Where are you going? I grew up in Perth and my parents still live just outside Perth - in the Blairgowrie direction.
The pool in Perth is great and you are also fairly close to Dundee there - so you can go to the pool and other things there.
Have to admit that because I live in the back of beyond of the islands I tend to spend most of my time in Perth shopping and visiting my parents!
Have a great time!

Finbar · 11/04/2003 13:22

Thanks susanmt...we're staying in or near Blairgowrie in a log cabin type thing (WITh central heating etc I hasten to add!) We like all the kind of things you suggested - walks, castles, tearooms especially!
Cheers to you all

OP posts:
susanmt · 11/04/2003 15:35

Finbar - sounds great!! Wave to my folks as you drive through Balbeggie on your way into Perth!!

susanmt · 11/04/2003 15:40

Also, if you like walking, you should go up Kinnoull Hill, which is on the opposite bank of the river to most of Perth (same side as Blairgowrie). Head out towards Dundee and there should be a signpost for woodland walks - follow it up and there is some really nice child-sized walking round there. There's also the Hermitage at Dunkeld, which is a National Trust Woodland and is fab for walking - lots of throwing stones in the river sort of places along the way and spectacular waterfalls.
If I come up with anything ele I'll let you know. When are you going?

edgarcat · 11/04/2003 16:24

Message withdrawn

Finbar · 11/04/2003 17:28

Am going NOW!!!
Dear Edgarcat - I thought it was you on another conversation - consider yourself rumbled too!!!

OP posts:
Demented · 13/04/2003 00:19

Would just like to second the suggestions for Noah's Ark in Perth and Blairdrummond Safari Park, nr Stirling. Also if you are heading out towards Dundee, Jungle Kids (better than Noah's Ark IMO), there is also a sweetie factory there too, although I haven't been, always see it on the way out and say "should go there some day". Perth swimming pool is quite nice too, although haven't been there for years. Hope you have a nice time, the weather in Scotland has been lovely lately so I hope it stays that way for you.

Finbar · 21/04/2003 15:39

Dear Susanmt
just to let you know that we did wave every time we went past the turning for Balbeggie!
Thanks to everyone - we had a fab time and the weather was great -phew!

OP posts:
susanmt · 21/04/2003 16:45

Glad to hear you had a good time Finbar. It is a lovely part of the country and if we didn't live where we do it would be one of our first choices.
I'll tell my folks you were waving at them - they'll think its hilarious!

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