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Disneyland Paris: parent/child ratios question

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Dannie · 13/04/2005 10:00

I'm considering visiting Disneyland Paris (the horror, the horror...) with DS1, who'll be 7, and DD, who's 5 and wants to be Sleeping Beauty when she grows up. Do many of the rides need one adult per child, or will we be OK? (I'll be happy to stay off major rollercoasters). Will I be faced with lots of two-seater rides that we can't all go on together?

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iota · 13/04/2005 10:12

there's 2 solutions which may help you - they do a parental swap thing where one parent queues and goes on the ride with 1 child then the other parent who has waited with the non-eligible child can go straight to the front of the queue and have a ride.

Or fastpass system, where you get tickets for a ride for a set time and come back and wait in a very short queue.

You do end up having to go on rides separately though

A good tip is to get 4 fastpasses for each ride and if it's some crazy thing only dh wants to go on, he can have 4 rides - or you can have 2 each

iota · 13/04/2005 10:13

BTW I'm talking about Disney Florida, but I guess Paris has the same system

tamum · 13/04/2005 10:16

If I have understood correctly, you will be on your own with the 2 children, and are worried about taking them both on rides in case you need one adult with each child? I don't know about rollercoasters, but lots of the more junior rides have cars that seat up to 4, 2 in front and 2 behind, so you should be fine. Things like the Peter Pan ride are certainly like that. I have a feeling most of them you could go on with 3 of you. Have fun!

LIZS · 13/04/2005 10:17

iirc you should be ok on most of the smaller rides. Dumbo and Flying Carpets are 2's or possibly 3 at a squash but your elder son should be ok on his own anyway there. Otherwsie I think most would take 4 across. Your 7 yr old may be tall enough for some of the more exciting ones (almost certainly ok for Big Thunder Mountain and Star Tours) but your 5 yr old may not be so that could cause an issue for you.

iota · 13/04/2005 10:20

oh - did I misread the question - I was thinking that I child would want to go on a ride and the other couldn't/wouldn't. duh

robin3 · 13/04/2005 10:20

Just to say I CAN'T WAIT TO GO to DISNEY....DP says I'm wishing DS's life away but I've never been and I can't wait.

iota · 13/04/2005 10:21

robin - I've been with dh before we had kids! It's good for adults too

Dannie · 13/04/2005 10:23

That's encouraging. DH, who isn't good with child-centred stuff, will stay at home with DS2, who at 18 months would be just as happy going to the park. DS1 will be disappointed if he can't do Star Tours, but we may come up with a solution.

OP posts:
robin3 · 13/04/2005 10:25

I know but DP has been to both US ones and generally hates theme parks....I love ALL theme parks but will have to wait a few years before DS can help me campaign!

Dannie · 13/04/2005 10:28

robin3, leave him behind! it's what I'm doing! I was emboldened by a brilliant day at Legoland with DD and DS1 when I was gigantically pg with DS2. DD got stuck in the wooden adventure playground thing and I had to climb in & retrieve her. I must have looked hysterically funny

OP posts:
iota · 13/04/2005 10:32

I have to sat that I think you would have more flexibility with another adult around - if dh doen't want to come what about a friend/grandmother/auntie?

Otherwise you will have to go everywhere as a three - including inconvenient toilet breaks and what if onechild wants to go on a ride and the other doesn't?

Dannie · 13/04/2005 11:07

TBH, it'll be such a treat getting out with only two kids, it'll be a breeze I am canvassing the godparents, though!

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