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Anyone been to Zakynthos? Looking at Kalamaki

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Rhiannon · 06/05/2001 09:28

I've been looking at the Thomson brochure for next year, I'm quite keen on Zakynthos, has anyone been?

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Binza · 06/05/2001 20:42

Hi Rhiannon. I've been to Zakynthos but it was quite a few years ago. It's a lovely island where a lot of the locals speak with Australian accents!
This is 'cos they were evacuated, I think in the 60's or 70's due to earthquakes, and ended up in Oz. It can be quite loud in some resorts at night- we went at the end of the season so it was quieter. I remember there are stretches of beach which are protected for the turtles to lay their eggs and discos etc are not allowed to be built within a certain distance of these. The beaches were very safe for children - not much surf or any sudden drop in depth. If you're taking children I'd recommend being by a beach rather than in Zakynthos town.That's about it really except you could take a trip to Kephalonia (what with Captain Corelli being so hip) which is the neighbouring island. There was a very serious rivalry thing between the islands when I was there.

Rhiannon · 07/05/2001 09:16

Thanks Binza, the resort we are looking at is called Kalamaki (I think as I can't find the brochure!).

OP posts:
Nameless · 26/05/2001 19:57

I've booked to go to Zakynthos with Thomson Superfamily next year. I managed to contact people who had been to the hotel before by browsing the internet, and it seemed very good (no airport noise, which we were a bit worried about). The person I spoke to recommended taking a portable fan, as the Superfamily resort in Kalamaki is not air conditioned. Hope this helps.

Candy · 27/05/2001 14:31

I went to Zakinthos some years ago pre-children. It's a gorgeous place; just avoid the very trendy nightclubby area (the place name begins with L I think!)- Kalamaki is quieter and more family orientated. I'm jealous now - you've made me want to revisit and show the children how nice it is - they are sooo desperate to go on an aeroplane!

Kia · 28/05/2001 13:56 is like the travel agents gazeteer only online (tells you the things the travel agents might 'overlook'!) It was in the Times travel section yesterday. I've just checked out Kefalonia where I'm going this summer and it has reviews from joe public on it too. Perhaps this might be worth a look?

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