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Philly · 04/04/2003 14:00

Has anyone been to Morrocco.It is Dh;s 40th this year and we are thinking about having a few days without the children in Marrakech.Has anyone been ,specifically has anyone stayed ion any of the Riads.All info welcome

OP posts:
lucy123 · 04/04/2003 14:27

I posted about this recently - here

Not sure what you mean by Riads though (we stayed in hotels mostly - they're v cheap). Flying to marrakech can be expensive - cheaper is to fly to malaga, take the train to Algeciras and then the boat to tangiers. from there you can get a night train to Marrakech. Perhaps flying is better if you don't have much time though!). I'd also recommend that you see another city too - Marrakech is worth seeing, but is very hard work. Essouira, by contrast is very relaxed.

kaz33 · 04/04/2003 15:14

I've been to Morroco/ Marrakech twice. The first time was on a trans African truck and the second time treking with the berbers in the Jebel Saroh ( can't remember how to spell it ). Personally I found Marrakech a bit limiting - once you have been round the souk, done some haggling and gone for an evening out with traditional dancing there is not too much to do. However, saying that we were not staying in a nice hotel where you could laze by the pool.

I found the best bit of Morroco was getting out of the cities, which can be a bit hectic and you will get hassled as a tourist, and getting into the mountains and countryside where the pace of life was much slower, the people were very welcoming and friendly. Also there is the most fab roman ruin in Morroco at a place called Volubius ( again wrong spelling ), very untouristy and very extensive with great mosaics. There was also another place that we stayed in, in Northern Morroco with the most amazing gorge ( name has escaped me ). I suppose what I am saying is that there is a lot to do and see outside of the cities.

kaz33 · 04/04/2003 16:53

Todra gorge - I've just remembered.

And if you like walking - the High Atlas mountains or Jebel Saroh ( not so high ).

Ah memories.

valleygirl · 05/04/2003 14:49

Think about staying at the Riad Noga - I used to be in charge of a Moroccan progranmme and stayed there myself, and sent MANY really happy clients. It's about £105 per night for the standard rooms, and up to about £125 for the Red Room (really sumptious) - as i don't work for them now I have no hesitation in recommending Real Holidays as the place to go in search of a good Moroccan holiday (or any other holiday) - check out their website:
Riad Noga - has lovely pool, very warm and welcoming owners and does great food - 10 minute walk from Jma el Fnaa, and lots of little nooks and crannies to sneak off to to read a book/sunbathe, etc.
HIGHLY recommend.
I thought Essaouira was great too - much more laid back and smaller than Marrakech, and i much preferreded the shopping there to the souks of Marrakech. In fact I was gripped by a terrible shopping frenzy when I was there, and was out of control, very unlike me!
You can get return fares to Marrakech with BA for £280 plus tax of about £28.00.
Hope this helps!

morocco · 05/04/2003 19:02

We're on holiday in the desert bit right now(how sad yes to be checking internet stuff out!)and it's great fun so if you have a bit more time, try to get to Merzouga in the desert - you cross the Atlas mountains from Marrakech to get here which in itself is a great journey.
Riads are great places to escape from the hustle of the big cities and just chill out so good idea _ sorry, no particulary recommendations though.
And if you want to bring the kids along another time Morocco is fantastic for kids too - Moroccans are lovely with little kids and just love them to bits. We're travelling with our baby and he only seems to see us for half the day - the rest of the time he's being kissed and cuddled by all the people in the hotels and souks.
I personally wouldn't bother with the Spain route just because if there is bad weather the ferry can be cancelled for a day or so and it is a bit of a pain if you only want to see the South of Morocco - better if you want to explore the North.

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