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clubmed ibiza

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grumpygriselda · 09/04/2005 23:58

anyone been to clubmed ibiza recently? any good for a short break with 12 month and 4 year old? best type of accom?

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SecondhandRose · 10/04/2005 08:45

Not been recently but have been 3x b4. I would recommend the paso doble building (samba is a bit of a walk). If you have two children you'll get two rooms with adjoining doors. You'll also get a fridge, there is a little supermarket a few hundred yards up the road and you can stock up on cold drinks.

On each floor there is a baby room with sterlising area and a fridge stocked with baby snacks. The baby restaurant at the kids club was excellent. The children ate early from a buffet. Good selection, all nice and clean.

You must remember to pre-book the kids clubs before you go. I remember an English woman with twin babies whose husband had forgotten to book them in and there were no spaces and she was HYSTERICAL!!

You can either eat in the main restaurant or in the beach restaurant but you had to pre-book the beach one but it was lovely.

Mostly French speaking around the pool not many English to speak off. There were a few Americans that thought they were somewhere exotic!

The only downsides were that you are literally 5 minutes from the airport and when the planes come in they are VERY low but to be honest we found it quite interesting and soon got used to them. Sometimes I found there was a drains smell too and if you dug down in the beach too. The only other thing is that the water in the rooms is salt water for washing.

It has been 5 years since we last went so things may have changed so please check what I've said.

There was no evening babysitting when we went so we were mostly early up and early to bed and missed the shows as they didn't start to 9pm.

Take some big plastic cups with you so you can fill them up as you leave the restaurant at lunch time to save you buying drinks from the bar later on.

I hope this is useful, let me know if you need more info.

grumpygriselda · 11/04/2005 07:53

thanks secondhandrose, this is very useful. I think we'll give it a try based on what you say.

OP posts:
grumpygriselda · 12/04/2005 21:59

well after being quoted a price yesterday for our 5 night stay, went to book today to find price has doubled! no family rooms apparently. anyone have experience of other family friendly hotels on Ibiza?

OP posts:
SecondhandRose · 13/04/2005 08:26

gg, you don't need a family room, just two normal ones with a connecting door. That way you get two bathrooms, two TV's and two fridges.

grumpygriselda · 13/04/2005 09:51

sr, I thought so, but 1300 + euro for 5 days (transport exl) seems a lot, so am going to explore other local options.

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SecondhandRose · 13/04/2005 20:50

Mmm that does sound dear, what time of year is that for? I remember we used to go at the beginning of Sept when the prices dropped.

grumpygriselda · 13/04/2005 21:03

well we were planning to go in the next 1/2 weeks. spent so long in the travel agent, can't believe no other option for hotel on ibiza with some childcare, without breaking bank!

OP posts:
grumpygriselda · 13/04/2005 22:11

ok so now having accessed uk site and filled in form etc, discover that no baby club! Club med? see red !

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