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Holiday Cottages in Scottish Highlands... or Isle of Arran. Any recommendations?

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Toothache · 04/04/2005 12:33

We want to go on holiday in Scotland in May. Just for a week. Just want somewhere near the sea, with a few things for us to do. Would rather a selfcatering cottage as long as there is a restaurant/pub nearby coz I don't fancy cooking every night! Looking to pay between £250 and £350 for the week.

Would really like some place with horseriding.

Any recommendations, thoughts, advice welcome!

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Toothache · 04/04/2005 13:31


Doesn't anyone holiday in Scotland?

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gscrym · 04/04/2005 13:38

We've stayed in cottages up at Newtonmore before. Try looking in the local paper aas there are sometimes people trying to let out holiday cottages. I stayed at a fantastic house on Arran about 7 years ago but it wasn't child friendly at all. Try phoning tourist info for the area you want.


mrsflowerpot · 04/04/2005 13:43

Funnily enough, we got back from Arran yesterday. We had the most gorgeous cottage through arran hideaways - they have quite a big range. We are all very sad to be home, I have to say.


Toothache · 04/04/2005 13:43

Cheers Gscrym - I've seen loads on the web, but wondered if there were any MN'ers who could thoroughly recommend a specific area or cottage. Or even if there were any MN'ers who rented out holiday cottages.

How come it wasn't child friendly? I saw one in Arran that had a small garden with a hefty drop into a burn!! Think we'll give that one a miss.

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ScummyMummy · 04/04/2005 13:44

We're going up to Skye/Highlands this summer so can report back then but that's not much good for you really! Have you tried looking in a holiday cottage guide type thing? That's where we found our 2 places- which are both within your budget. Good luck.


Toothache · 04/04/2005 13:44

Mrs Flowerpot - I've been looking at that website, its fab. We want to go for 7 nights, do you think there is enough to do on Arran (especially if the weather is terrible) to keep DS (3.9) amused?

OP posts:

ScummyMummy · 04/04/2005 13:45

(You can't go wrong with the Highlands, IMO.)


mrsflowerpot · 04/04/2005 13:50

Our ds has just turned 4 (last week in Arran in fact) and he had a fab time. Some nice beaches for rockpooling etc, he enjoyed the castle grounds (the castle is more of a stately home) and there are plenty of little walks to do with interesting things like waterfalls and caves which were within his capabilities. He spent a large proportion of the week soaking wet from going in streams, the sea etc.

We went last year as well, it's just a really nice place for lots of fairly low key, outdoor activities although if you wanted to do any serious hillwalking etc you can (or so I'm told! I'm far too lazy). If you do decide on it, I can tell you where some of the nice walks etc are.


Toothache · 04/04/2005 13:59

Thanks, I was kind of swaying toward Arran anyway. Think I'll book it tonight!

How much does the ferry cost (1 car)? Does it leave from Ardrossan? And how does it take?

OP posts:

mrsflowerpot · 04/04/2005 14:02

yep, Ardrossan. Takes just under an hour, I think we paid about £75 for the car and 2 adults (children are free), but that will depend on the sailings I think.


Toothache · 04/04/2005 14:09

MrsFlowerPot - That's alot more expensive than I though!!! I hope that's a return fare?

Is there only one ferry to and from Arran?

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tamum · 04/04/2005 14:10

We stayed at Auchrannie on Arran last October which was utterly fab and very child-friendly. We stayed in the hotel lodge bit- they do self-catering, but it would cost a bit more than you are looking at, I think. The website is here just in case. The bistro bit would be worth considering for a meal even if you don't stay there.


Roobie · 04/04/2005 14:29

Would really recommend the Argyll area - we stayed in a self-catering cottage on the shores of Loch Fyne (opposite Inverary) a couple of years ago. Gorgeous scenery and loads to do, including horse riding in the numerous forestry parks. Also Glasgow is only about 1.5 hours drive away.
Argyll Online


Toothache · 04/04/2005 14:31

Thanks Roobie.

We're only travelling from Falkirk so it's not a huge distance for us anyway. I think I like the idea of crossing the water!! It'll make me feel like I'm abroad.... might even pack our passports.

OP posts:

Demented · 04/04/2005 14:56

Toothache, we stayed here last June. I know it's over you budget but thought I would post the link in case anyone else is looking the property was amazing and it sleeps 12 (two separate cottages) so handy if you are sharing with others as we were. We ended up with a horrible week weatherwise and were very happy to have comfortable surroundings as we were at home quite a bit. However Arran is lovely and it was really warm even although it was raining. The Country Club (?) I think in Brodick has a really nice swimming pool and the price for a swim to my memory was not much different to our local council run pool. The chocolate factory and Arran Aromatics are very tempting! The one afternoon we had at the beach was really nice. The kids love visiting Bilslands and looking at they toys, there were loads of nice pocket money priced things so it wasn't too bad.

Hope you have a nice time!

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