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spook · 29/03/2005 20:15

Hi everyone.I am in Barcelona tomorrow night with DS's (8 and 5) and thought we'd spend the afternoon at Park Guell (sp!) Just wondered if anyone had any tips on getting there,things to see etc and how to keep the boys occupied and knacker them out!

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Whizzz · 29/03/2005 20:21

We tried to drive there & somehow got lost in the one way system !! Get a good map (or a bus !!)


CarrieG · 29/03/2005 20:26

You can get to Parc Guell by bus - it's FABULOUS, kids should love the elephant cave & running around the serpentine benches...

...& if that doesn't wear them out, there's a fun fair at Tibi Dabo (sp.!) (top of hill) & a big aquarium down near the harbour too I think, but not been to either as was last in Barcelona pre-ds (well - for ds's conception actually...not that that's why we went, but it was a fantastic souvenir to bring home! )


spook · 29/03/2005 20:26

Hi Whizzz. Thanks! Certainly won't be driving but am more than happy to try out the buses. More of an adventure I suppose.

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spook · 29/03/2005 20:27

Ooh thanks CarrieG. Posts crossed! I will certainly look for the funfair. I am really looking forward to it actually

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