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Bit of Globe trotting with three young ones...............!

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jmg1 · 29/03/2005 20:02

My latest idea is to spend about one year at a time in various Countries around the World. Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Holland etc....

In areas with good International Schools for the kids.

The kids are three, four and six.

Good idea or madness?

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 29/03/2005 20:07

Why not teach them yourself?

We taught DS who was nearly 7 for 3 months


Aimsmum · 29/03/2005 20:09

Message withdrawn


Cadmum · 29/03/2005 20:11

Sounds brilliant! How will you fund your travels? (sorry if too nosey) We are from Canada and I thought we were adventurous when we spent 4 1/2 years in England with our little ones...


RTKangaMummy · 29/03/2005 20:13

we did all round the world and DS learnt soooooooo much from everywhere on the trip


CountessDracula · 29/03/2005 20:13

fab idea. I would do it if I could. Do you think they would feel rootless though? How many years are we talking here?

dh and I are planning a 6 month travelling sabbatical just before dd goes to school


LIZS · 29/03/2005 20:14

Travelling sounds a good idea but you may find the fees/one-off registration costs for the schools less financially viable for moving around. Over here you can expect to pay a one off cost for each child to join and at least half a year's fees in advance (non refundable) but whether that is true of all, I don't know, The fees and schools themselves are pretty variable so do your homework. Asia is a particularly expat hot spot at the moment and I have heard of waiting lists for schools there.


lou33 · 29/03/2005 20:30

phuket has dulwich international school


jmg1 · 29/03/2005 20:41

I would fund it by selling some of my property.

Have not decided for how many years, play it by ear!

I have looked at that School in Phutket on the internet, looks good. Day Fees are
180000-374400 Baht. Is that per term?

Would need to find someone to come and help look after the kids, a travelling au pair!

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 29/03/2005 20:46

Sorry misread post I thought you meant 1 year travel round and then home again


mummytosteven · 29/03/2005 20:50

i'm going to be a bit of a party pooper on this one - I don't think it's a good idea to keep moving around from country to country, as it will mean your kids keep having to start over making friends etc at different schools (and so will you) if you keep moving every year. i think it'll be a lot of hassle; that just when you feel settled it's time to move on again. better to relocate somewhere semi-permanently.


jmg1 · 29/03/2005 20:54

mts, I can see what you mean but I have got to do something and I have been thinking of moving for ages and cannot decide where to go. Maybe this way I would fall in love with a place and then stay there.

OP posts:

Beetroot · 29/03/2005 20:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven · 29/03/2005 20:57

yes, try out a few places, but not for as long as year - sort of a few weeks each, or get the odd month in here or there over the next school year, then make your mind up.


lou33 · 29/03/2005 21:00

dunno jmg, but i have insider access so i could find out for you


LIZS · 29/03/2005 21:04

I'd misread the original idea too . Think Beetroot and mts may be right. It can take at least 9 months to find your feet and get the kids settled, especially if there is a new language involved, so it might be hard to uproot again oncce you do. Children who do, either seem to get quite blase and detached about friendships or very upset when they move or if their friends move away. If you could do an extended holiday it would give you a more instinctive feel for where might suit you all and you may decide you want to stay longer term.

btw the fees quoted are probably per annum but I've no idea how that figure converts so can't judge.


swedishmum · 29/03/2005 21:27

Having spent past 6 months home edding abroad my advice would be don't do it unless you have strong home support to allow you non-child time. Much as I love mine 24/7 doesn't work. From experience of others (and why we didn't choose it ourselves)apparently short term international schools can be disrupting. Only you know your children. At 3,4 and 6 I wouldn't worry myself - they'll get more from the experience than from any part time schools


piffle · 29/03/2005 21:50

darlin head to NZ
you will have a ball...... ids will devour the outdoor life
And I'll visit supposedly on honeymoon late November..

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