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days out/groups/outings - Canterbury/Faversham/Tunstall??

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Meggymoo · 24/03/2005 09:26

Message withdrawn

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Keane · 24/03/2005 09:31

Horsebridge in Whitstable do some classes for little ones

Jo Jingles is also in Whitstable, not sure about Faversham

jo jingles

Meggymoo · 24/03/2005 09:36

Message withdrawn

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Keane · 24/03/2005 12:02

I havent lived here long! We tend to take our two children to most places, just ask when we go in.

The Punch tavern, Herne Common is a family pub

There is a Brewsters in Margate

We have been to Wetherspoons in Both Herne Bay and faversham without problems

The Beefeater at Whitstable is good with the kids aswell

But as i say most places are ok

turquoise · 24/03/2005 21:18

Farming world in Faversham is very good if you have a lot of young children to entertain, and there's food.
There's apparently a new softplay place/leisure centre thing opposite the Rec in Faversham, Sleepyjess was mentioning it but I can't remember what thread it was on. I can't think where Tunstall is but I'm guessing Medway? There's loads of Medway mners and meetups on the meetups board.

Meggymoo · 24/03/2005 21:51

Message withdrawn

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grumpyfrumpy · 30/03/2005 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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