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Honeymoon with a baby

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Katyw · 24/04/2001 21:14

I'm trying to plan our honeymoon for mid July with a 9 month old - currently our ideas swing between travelling through France staying at chambre d'hotes, renting a villa in Spain/Portugal, going to the Caribbean (the flight??). Basically what we want is somewhere nice that will offer babysitting at night, somewhere we can prepare food for him during the days...and a bit romantic (!). I know I've left it a bit late.

Has anyone got any ideas/advice???

OP posts:
Marina · 25/04/2001 08:09

Can only really suggest/advise on French option. Pro: baby not yet fully mobile so will not be screeching to get out of his car seat; we used to do lots of touring hols before our son came along and now he is 2 it's just not fair on him. So if you do want to tour, now's your year...
Con: France in mid-July can be quite hot and car seats are sweaty things to leave a child in for a long time. Even if they have cotton covers not far beneath is an unventilated rigid plastic shell.
On the romantic/sunny front I can do no better than suggest where we went (sans baby), which is sunny, beautiful, child-friendly Corsica. Several good tour operators go to the island, if you want to self-cater: we used Corsican Places, who were marvellous. If you want lux babysitting by qualified British nannies, you could try Mark Warner, which is an all-inclusive upmarket place. I think loads of people on this site have used them with a great time had by all, parents and children alike. They have at least 3 on Corsica plus other sites around the Med/Aegean. I'm going to be honest and say they sound a teeny bit like a posh holiday camp for me, but that could be because we can't afford them! And it is your honeymoon after all.
Good luck whatever you decide and congratulations!

Cl · 25/04/2001 20:15

Simply Corsica have a child-friendly resort at Cappiciolo with creche and English nannies that babysit - it's self-catering - but about 10 min drive from Propriano and lovely restaurants. Gets booked up, but if you don't need the creche you may be lucky - book babysitting in advance. This year for first time simply portugal are also doing nannies - 5 half days, or full days a week- they come to you. Might be nice to have some time to yourselves and they will no doubt babysit. Simply also have child-friendly (ie nannnies available) in Crete, Turkey and Zakynthos -Wouldn't personally recommend honeymooning with Mark Warner - we found it a bit communal, though you can't fault the kids facilities. There are quite a few places reviewed in find the best summer sun -left hand column on home page. I'm off to Tobago in May so if you can wait till May 21st I'll let you know what our place is like - we're going to somewhere called the Blue Waters Inn, self catering bungalow on the beach, no nannies, but apparently babysitting is no problem. Direct 9 hour flight with BA. Real Holidays tel 0207 359 3938 are independent travel agents and incredibly knowldegeable. We book thro them -ask for Philip and say you heard about them from mumsnet. Good luck !

Med · 23/10/2001 12:36

Cl how did you get on in Tobago? My partner and I are getting married in July, and (money permitting), we hope to go on a honeymoon and can't imagine leaving my ds behind! He will be 22 months in July. I haven't been on holiday for years, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on good places to go. I was wondering about Thailand? Can anyone help? Many thanks, MeD.

Cl · 25/10/2001 17:38

HI Med

Tobago was lovely, very unspoilt and very friendly. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Blue waters Inn for a honeymoon - nice location but in need of updating decor wise. We also stayed at the Blue Haven Hotel, which if you don't mind spending money was lovely - newly opened last year it had lovely four postery beds, and is right on a beach with crashing waves, but the beach is flat so little ones can still toddle. The owner has two kids so understands their needs and is very friendly. It also has a pool. The downside is cost. We were upgraded to a Junior suite ( I'm sure you could ask for the same - if they're not busy, we were only two out of four people staying in a 55 room hotel) but it wasn't cheap and dinner though lovely was very pricey. They have a beach bar that does lovely snacks but again not cheap and in fact even the local restaurants were on a par pricewise with eating out in London. The other slight disappointment is that all round Tobago the beaches are nice but not the white sand turquoise sea you expect of the Caribbean. There is one white beach - Pigeon point and we went there a few times and it was very nice as were the glass bottom boat trips - we even took Grace snorkelling in arm bands and sweimming ring... Anyways the other thing for there and Thailand is weather. I think it's their rainy season and if it is it's no fun. We had one day of rain in May and there really is nothing at all to check. Thailand will be a lot cheaper once you're there but we've avoided it since kids because I think you need jabs and in some places malaria tabs and I just worried about them or you getting sick (not v romantic!)If you do decide to go to Tobago please get back in touch and I'll tell you the nice places to visit. I'll shut up in a minute but... as you're getting married in the summer why not stick to Europe where you can guarantee good weather and the flight with a 22 month old will be so much easier. I know Justine and Rachel recently went to Portugal and had a great time, I've been to Corsica - which I can't recommend highly enough and I'm sure there are lots of other places mumsnet folks can recommend. Oh one last thing beg, borrow, buy or browse thro in the shop a book called the Good Honeymoon Guide. We have it and have lent it out and in fact just come back from one of the hotels it recommends in Spain - La Bobadilla - bit expensive again but the baths were 5 foot by 3 foot, breakfast went on till 11am and it was so peaceful... well it was until we arrived with a tantrum-ridden Grace and an 11 week old baby! Again let me know if you're interested and I'll let you have more details.

Med · 26/10/2001 12:11

Cl, thank you so much for your message! It was very helpful. I think I'm going to take your advice and checkout Portugal & Corsica, I've got a First Choice brochure for Portugal, so will have a look in a min. I might be coming back to you with more questions soon! Once again, thanks so much, MeD.

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