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Life without a car

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Copper · 22/04/2001 15:43

We have never had a car (and don't drive), and find it quite easy living at home in a London suburb: shopping is either done on the way home and lugged back on the bus, or delivered. I haven't managed to shop on the internet yet - a bit of a Luddite really. But what we do find difficult is holidays in this country. Has anyone got any ideas?

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Azzie · 23/04/2001 07:29

How about the Scilly Isles? You can get the train from London to Penzance, then over on the boat or helicopter from there. Once you're over there you have no need of a car at all, and passenger boats run like a bus service between the islands. Beautiful place, too, with lovely beaches for the little ones and places to explore for the older ones.

Marina · 23/04/2001 21:43

Copper, why not also consider the Isle of Wight. OK, so it has a bit of a wrinkly reputation, but it really is very pretty. You get a bit of everything: nice beaches, sweeping downs and cliffs, forest and harbours. Best of all, it has really top-notch public transport links right round the island, including steam trains and the surreal sight of elderly former tube trains trundling down the pier at Ryde (and taking you inland). Buses are good too. We have been more than once and while we do have a car I can't drive it: I have been all over the island walking between the bus routes while my dh hangs off Yarmouth Pier catching frostbite and no tea.
Only quibble - food connoisseurs will be surprised at the lack of choice of good restaurants. I think there are only about six on the whole island. Also Sandown, Shanklin and Ryde are a bit crummy these days but St Helens, Seaview, Ventnor and most of West Wight are still extremely pretty. And there is LOADS for children to do. We got a very nice cottage through Countryside Holidays in West Wight and even though it was the middle of nowhere a hoppa bus went by at least three times a day. And you can cycle safely on the roads too.

Suew · 24/04/2001 11:14

Isn't one of the Channel Islands car-free?

Also apart from the travel expert on here (submit your question) you might like to try babygoes2, a new site launched earlier this year which focuses on taking children on holiday.

I understand Centre Parcs are car free but not sure how you would get there - are they a fair way from any public transport?

Janh · 29/04/2001 20:54

sark, i think.

Tigermoth · 30/04/2001 15:51

Msrina, have just read your potted guide to the Isle of Wight. Thanks! We're intending to go for a few days when it gets warmer,(was hoping for the summer to begin early for this coming May Bank Holiday - not to be by the look of it).

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