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Longleat Safari Park - anyone been

15 replies

Jasmum · 10/03/2005 21:51

Thinking of going on Saturday with DD who's 2.5yo, ahas anyone been & is it any good?

OP posts:
princesspeahead · 10/03/2005 21:54

yes, went in the summer with 6yo and almost 4yo. it was great, there is masses to do apart from the animals. your little one will love postman pat's village (yawn but very sweet) and the train around the place. I wouldn't spend TOO long driving through the animals because they aren't really that interested in zebras etc at that age. although do go through the monkey bit because the DO notice a monkey hanging off your windscreen wipers which is amusing.

Has it opened for the season already? Have you doublechecked? I thought it was April but am probably wrong....

Jasmum · 10/03/2005 21:56

Thanks, I thnk it's open, I checked the web and it said from February but then abother page said April so I will phone to check before traipsing all the way down there!

OP posts:
milliways · 10/03/2005 21:58

We went last year & bought a passport which meant could go back for free to see what we didn't have time to first time (Got a bit lost in a maze!!) Some attractions were "Free" so passport not stamped & could go into again next time (Happens off peak). We really enjoyed it.

ThomCat · 10/03/2005 22:00

no but I can't wait to go, have a great time.

Jasmum · 10/03/2005 22:06

Thanks Thomcat, I am so fed up with the crappy weather and not being able to go anywhere outdoors that this is our first big trip out of the year so I hope it doesn't rain, snow or is freezing cold!!

OP posts:
MamaMaiasaura · 10/03/2005 22:57

It is great there.. only be warning those monkey are right little.. well monkeys I unscrewed my ariel so they removed my rear washer squirter! There is absolutely loads to do and hard ot fit it all in one day. The only thing with passprt is that you can only use it once for each attraction. So if you did safari, the next time you went you would have to do something different.

I think i opens April - got a booklet on it and it says april in there.

I am going again this easter i expect

Let us know how you get on there

tamum · 10/03/2005 23:00

We've been quite a few times (well, loads if you count my childhood too!). There's a kind of petting zoo which is quite good for little ones, and the train and boat trips. Lots to do, and definitely don't forget the Postman Pat village, now excitingly updated with some of the new characters

Cristina7 · 10/03/2005 23:48

It's very good, I think you'll find lots of things to enjoy. Beware though that it can get quite pricey. Amongst other things there's also a permanent Dr Who exhibition which my DS (3.5 at the time) and his Dad enjoyed very much.

Jasmum · 15/03/2005 18:45

thought I'd let you know that we went on Saturday and had an excellent time. It is fully open & has been since February, was also very quiet which was a bonus. Great day out for all!!

OP posts:
vict17 · 15/03/2005 19:15

ooh ooh ooh - we were there on Saturday too!! I found the driving through the safari bit slightly tedious as you have to queue up - can't imagine what it is like in the summer, one big traffic jam?! But the rest was brilliant. Missed the Dr Who exhibition though - better not tell dh of it's existence as he will be gutted.

vict17 · 15/03/2005 19:16

I loved the Dolls Houses bit best

Cam · 15/03/2005 19:21

Vict7, you didn't miss the Dr Who exhibition, they've finally taken it down after several decades (I used to go there a lot as a child too). Dd went last summer with my parents and loved it.

TinyGang · 15/03/2005 19:46

It's a great day out, but the monkeys ripped lumps out of the spoiler on our car. I won't go into dh's vocabularly on the subject or dwell on the fact that he tried to get them off by accelerating and slamming on the brakes. People were open mouthed. The monkeys won. Dd thought this was the best bit.

We were given a tape to play (narrated by Robert Hardy) in the car whilst driving round the park, which verbally explains what you are looking at. Strangely dd (2 at the time) liked to listen to it many times over once we got home. 'Look to your left and you will see a large...' Huh??


Cam · 16/03/2005 10:04

Tinygang, my dd (age 7 at the time) liked to listen to the tape at home too because it reminded her of what she saw! We especially liked the bit where Lord Bath tells us about the lovely "restoron"

pepsi · 24/03/2005 15:48

Does anyone know if Postman Pats village includes the Greendale Rocket?

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