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Bruern Stable Cottages

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ellasmum · 24/02/2003 15:04


I know from another tread that some Mumsnetters have stayed here before, so I was hoping to pick your brains.

We are going this weekend - DD is 10 months and very mobile so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for things to do while we are there / any tips for our visit.

I am really looking forward to it as the cottages look lovely.

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bells2 · 24/02/2003 17:05

How funny, we are also going this weekend!. I have a DD 15 months (and barely mobile) and DS 3 1/2 years. It is our first visit but I am hugely impressed by the website an dlooking forward to it very much.

ellasmum · 24/02/2003 18:47

It is also our first visit - and I agree, the website is very good. I had a lovely time filling in my food order - being very lazy indeed and planning on cooking nothing!!!

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emmaij · 24/02/2003 20:08

ellasmum - put the wee one in a buggy and meander around all those pretty neighbouring villages, bourton on the water, stow on the wold, go for blustery walk in the grounds at blenheim and stop off for tea in woodstock. Alternatively if dd is into animals (and good for bells2 ds, aged 3) visit the cotswold wildlife park.

Find the swing, wendy house, play cabin (heater above the door)in Bruern grounds. Enough there to keep dd occupied for an hour or so.

lucky you! have a fab time. I'm a huge fan of this place. P.S. You must order the chocolate roulade.

bells2 · 25/02/2003 07:33

What food order?? All I've had is a one page booking form through....

ellasmum · 25/02/2003 13:51

Bells2 - when I booked, I then received loads of stuff in the post i.e. directions etc.. Included in this was a 'menu' of food available to order plus an order form to send back. Give them a call and I'm sure they will send you one.

emmaij - chocolate roulade ordered. DD loves animals so will definitely be going to the wildlife park. Thanks for info.

OP posts:
bells2 · 25/02/2003 14:30

Thanks ellasmuum, have got it sorted. Have ordered 2 roulades!.

triplets · 03/03/2003 21:05

I loved the look of this place, sounds too perfect to be true! If only we could afford it, anyone got any more recommendations slightly less expensive?

Rhiannon · 03/03/2003 21:47

Tried to book for DH's 40 wanted to go Fri-Tues as his birthday is on the Monday. Very unhelpful email. Incredibly expensive too.

bells2 · 04/03/2003 08:08

Rhiannon, they regularly offer 40% off deals which is what we just went on. The cottages are amazing - beautifully fitted out and incredibly luxurious. Ours had a huge four poster in the mater bedroom and another four poster for DS. The children's facilities are absolutely fab. We had a wonderfully relaxing three days and feel like we've had a proper holiday. Would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Triplets, have you tried the National Trust Cottages?. These get very booked up but they have some amazing properties. At this time of year, they are really quite good value.

triplets · 04/03/2003 14:18

Thanks, will have a look at them now!

Ems · 04/03/2003 14:41

bells2, I was waiting to hear how you'd got on, sounds lovely! Did you get out and about in the area at all?

Triplets, get on their 'list' and they will contact you with last minute offers, 40% off brings it into a reasonable price range!

bells2 · 04/03/2003 15:04

Ems, meant to thank you for the recommendation which is why we went there in the first place. To be honest, DH and I both know the Cotswolds inside out so it was nice just to spend most of our time at Bruern, enjoying the gorgeous cottage and all the facilities. I fel incredibly well rested by it all!.

Ems · 04/03/2003 15:15

I'm keeping fingers crossed for them to have last minute summer cancellation, wishful thinking?!

How was all the lovely sounding pre-ordered food?

ellasmum · 05/03/2003 01:06

We also had a fantastic time this weekend - everything was perfect. Will definitely be going back - infact DP was looking at website today for more deals!!!

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