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Isle Of Wight

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WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 21:31

Anyone been?

I have alwasy fancied going there but have no idea which areas are nice (they all look nice in the brochures/sites). Any suggestions?


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WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:03

Thanks for the help ladies

We are going all-inc to Mexico in June but want a cheaper break towards the end of the year as well.

I've found a reasonable chalet in the Nodes Point Holiday Park which will suit us down to the ground as we will only be kipping there as will be out and about most days.

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Frieda · 28/02/2005 23:04

Nodes Point is just along from St Helens (v near Bembridge). Eastern tip. We went horseriding at Sally's riding school there!

stupidgirl · 28/02/2005 23:04

Ah, right, I know where it is. I believe it's quite isolated. On a quiet road outside of St Helens. The beach there is really nice though.

RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:06

was it a cottage?

we will be going either this year or early next depending what happens with family etc.

Please could you tell me details?

RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:07

about carrisbrooke accomation

WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:09
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WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:10

I know its a bit naff I jsut figure we will hardly ever be there and when we are there are things to occupy my DS - and its not too pricey

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:11

sorry WCL I had found nodes point on google

I meant carrisbrooke

we prefer to be alone

rather than with others

so tend to go for cottages on farms or in countryside

WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:12


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:13

orry my typing is so slow

I sound really rude now

It is just DH and DS like being in country side so they can do astromony as there is not light polultution

WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:15
OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:15


You will have brill tiome there

DS spends 2 days at Blackgang, then Robin Hill

you get one day free and get a combined ticket for BG and RH cheaper

WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:16

Not rude at all, different horses and different courses and all that

OP posts:
Frieda · 28/02/2005 23:16

Lovely cottage on a farm in Carrisbrooke, RTKM. Try Isle of Wight Farm Cottages
PS - I love your invaluable TV updates. Always check them out if I've got a quiet night in!

RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:25

Which one were you in?

They look great

Glad you understand Westcountrylass

You will have brill time there

All children should go to IOW IMHO

WestCountryLass · 28/02/2005 23:28


We have gone to Dorset the last few years and are going further afield for fear of ending up as old dears that have only visited one area 'because we like it so why try anywhere new'

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 28/02/2005 23:36


Your children will absolutely love IOW

Frieda · 01/03/2005 09:37

Sorry, RTKM ? I went to bed & didn't see your post (got my comeuppance for staying up late on mumsnet, though. Thought I'd put my moisturiser on in the dark so as not to wake dh ? thought it smelt a bit funny and afterwards it stung a bit. When I looked at the tube in the morning, I realised I'd plastered my face with Neutrogena foot cream! . It's very smooth and lovely this morning, though, and no unsightly corns or callouses )
I think we were in Stable cottage, which was fine for the 3 of us, but if you have a more than two kids, you might find it a bit of a squeeze. I think the other one is quite a bit bigger. It was a lovely setting, though, and ds really enjoyed all the animals esp. the alpaca)

redsky · 01/03/2005 09:42

It is all beautiful - for different reasons. Best of all we found SO much to amuse the kids there. BIL has recently bought a second home in seaview

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 09:48

LOL @ face cream

The stable is what I was thinking of too

My great Aunt and Uncle lived on The Duvver, Seaview, the toll road by the seafront at far end from holiday park.

grumpyfrumpy · 01/03/2005 11:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bluesky · 01/03/2005 12:39

We have stayed at the Seaview Hotel, in Seaview! Fantastic food. They have an apartment for families at the top, or a self catering cottage attached to the side, 2 bedrooms, but open slatted stairs, so if you have tinies beware. We had a really good time when we went, so much to do. Eldest ds enjoyed Seaview as you got to see the MASSIVE ships and cruise liners coming in and out of Southampton. There was a sheet on the noticeboard that told you where the ship was coming from, what is was carrying etc and when it was leaving port again. Great fun!

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 12:43

MY great aunt and uncle used to take us to Seaview Hotel, to the bar or to sit outside when we went to see them

for a lemonade

Agree about ships and liners

Used to sit in theor front garden to watch them or on the sea wall

Happy Memories

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