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Romantic Breaks - Hotel suggestions

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Tillysmummy · 18/02/2003 16:09

Has anyone got any good suggestions for a nice weekend away ? Dh is going to take me away for my birthday and we want to go somewhere special. A hotel with lots of character would be good and one with a health spa facilities would be great. We don't want to spend loads and loads though so if it is just a lovely hotel but no spa then we'll just have to make do. The restaurant is very important to us.

Any recommendations gratefully received. Dd will be staying with mum so it doesn't need to be child friendly.

We live in Radlett in Hertfordshire so really dont want it to be too far away as it's only for one night. Maybe somewhere in Oxford / The Cotswolds / Suffolk / Norfolk / Sussex etc ?

OP posts:
witch1 · 19/02/2003 09:26

The Feelen Fach in Brecon - but depends on your budget. Also the Little Admiral in Dartmouth is fabulous and the food is great.Best beds EVER! Worth the extra drive.
See and
Have a lovely time

Tillysmummy · 19/02/2003 09:29

Hi Witch 1 that sounds great. I tried to go to the Little Admiral link but couldn't find the web page. I'll try searching on Google.

OP posts:
prufrock · 19/02/2003 13:19

Danesfield House in Marlow - great spa, amazing restaurant, stupendous wine list. Danesfield
We went when I was 8 months pregnant and have already decided that dd will be getting married there. The staff were so helpful, and the reflexogologist was incredible.

Ems · 19/02/2003 16:14

Danesfield is currently on with ridiculously cheap Sunday night stays if you eat in.

willow2 · 19/02/2003 16:57

Spreadeagle in Midhurst, Sussex is not too expensive and very sweet. There is a "spa" of sorts, good restaurant and lovely old rooms.

bossykate · 19/02/2003 17:37

yes i would also recommend the spread eagle. willow2 - you must expect very high standards from your spas! i thought it was fine, only comment gym is very small, but as i confined myself to swimming, sauna and hot tub, it didn't really bother me...

Ems · 19/02/2003 17:37

Oh yes Willow2, definitely, Spread Eagle, very romantic and cosy, lovely town Midhurst, spa with treatments and smallish pool, really great food, log fires .... completely forgotten about it, didnt read as far as Tillysmummy's message about Sussex, busy racking my brain for Cotswold area.

Tillysmummy you must go there!!!! Friend proposed to his girlfriend there, another friend got married there, and another friend had her wedding night there, and I have been there too, but not for events quite as romantic as those!!

Ems · 19/02/2003 17:41

Their website is

They say they only do 2 night stays at weekends, it would be worth double checking though, they might have a cancellation or special offer.

leese · 19/02/2003 18:48

The Bear and The Feathers in Woodstock (Oxfordshire) both lovely old hotels with great restaurants, but no spa. Woodstock itself lovely village - great pubs with log fires!
Also Dormy House Hotel in Broadway (Cotswolds) - fantastic rooms, restaurant and bar. They do have sauna/gym, but can't comment as was too busy in the bar to go!

emmaij · 19/02/2003 19:15

Another suggestion is the Priory in Bath - has great restaurant and nice, but smallish, spa.

willow2 · 19/02/2003 22:06

Bossykate - not being a snob, think it's lovely but it's more a pool, jacuzzi, steam room and two treatment rooms than a full on Banyan Tree Spa type place (not that I've ever been but I can dream). Talking of which, does that make Conde Nast Traveller magazine count as holiday porn?

bossykate · 19/02/2003 22:34

ok, now i know where your aspirations are! well, it's not the best place i've ever stayed, but i'd still recommend it for a break, as the atmosphere is so relaxed, although the facilities are not state of the art.

yes, conde nast traveller does count as holiday porn! i can hardly bear to read the escape section of the observer! some friends recently asked us if we missed our "exotic" holidays since ds was born (well they were exotic compared to cornwall anyway!) - answer yes - through gritted teeth...

Azure · 20/02/2003 08:44

I too get terribly wishful (if not depressed) evey month when my CN Traveller arrives. Especially as my best friend and hubby have decided not to have kids and spend the equivalent of DS's nursery fees jetting around the world on extravagent trips. DS has a lot to answer for!

willow2 · 20/02/2003 09:15

Sad isn't it? I'm also a sucker for "Home porn" - you know the sort of thing... all those programmes on Channel 4 (Grand Designs; Relocation Relocation; Place in the Sun; No Going Back) - do I need help?

bossykate · 20/02/2003 11:00

i enjoy them but have stopped watching as they just depress me! likewise interiors magazines...

mulberry · 20/02/2003 11:58

The Queensbury Hotel in Bath,very discreet,fantastic restaurent.We had a long w/e there for our 10 th anniversary 3 years ago.

emmaij · 20/02/2003 19:15

Got another suggestion - the victoria, at holkham
in Norfolk (have reda this is a cheaper version of babington House) no spa, though

mulberry · 20/02/2003 21:27

Also The Swan at Southwold,very traditional,no Spa but lovely atmosphere

aloha · 20/02/2003 22:17

Ooh, this is hotel porn!! Am v excited...

cocococo · 20/02/2003 22:23

Lots of bargains at some very nice hotels here:

Bath Priory has a michelin star and is £99 a night halfboard each but just 8 days left to book unfortunately.

Enid · 21/02/2003 08:00

What about Babington House? Lovely spa and amazing treatments, great food etc etc. Expensive but lovely and you do get dinner thrown in.

Tillysmummy · 21/02/2003 08:15

Wow ! Thanks for all of this. I'll start looking into it straight away....

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Fionn · 07/04/2003 15:58

Have been reading this with interest - I want to surprise dp for his birthday at the end of April by booking a night away without the children. I don't want to be more than 2 hours drive away from home - we're in west London, very handy for the M3 and M4. Any other suggestions? I've had a quick look at the site cocococo suggested and will look into the Surrey hotel on there. I'm not too bothered about a pool or health suite. Somewhere small would be fine, preferably historical and with decent food on site or very nearby. Someone recommended the Old Railway Station in Petworth, Sussex but you have to book for 2 nights at weekends. I don't want to spend a fortune but dion't mind splashing out a bit as it'll be only our second child-free night in nearly 5 years!

SoupDragon · 07/04/2003 16:31

I love the Nutfield Priory in Surrey. It's not cheap!!

bossykate · 07/04/2003 19:20

hi fionn, what about Hotel du Vin Brighton? someone recommended this on another thread, and while i haven't yet been (suggested it to dh only yesterday, as a matter of fact) it looks good and has had some good press. good food on site, plus lots of easy strolling by the sea or in the lanes etc.

have a great time whatever you decide!

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