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Majorca - help please

9 replies

Peckarollover · 24/02/2005 22:20

Im looking for a family holiday with a very short flight.

Could anyone shed any light on the different areas of Majorca for me?

We are looking for lots to do for us and kids away from lager loutss but still nice and busy, near to beach and in amongst it all really.


OP posts:

KathH · 25/02/2005 13:19

alcudia in the north is fab. lots to do at night but without the yobs and the beach is gorgeous. depends how old your kids are as transfer can be quite long - up to 1hr 1/2 altho our youngest was 2 when we went and he was fine on plane and coach - he just went to sleep!


Bagpuss30 · 25/02/2005 13:34

We went to Cala d'Or about 5 years ago - it was our last holiday pre-kids and the hotel we stayed in was very quiet but just a bit further up from ours were lots of nice looking hotels full of families, some of which had private beaches. I think the exact area was Cala Esmerelda but I've just been and looked at a map and can't find it on there . (sorry, just realised I'm not being much help here) The area we stayed in is very nice anyway and I think you would find lots to do there - it's also quite close to Palma which is nice for a bit of sightseeing and shopping. We flew out with a typical holiday package deal but ended up doing our own thing once we were there and hired a car locally which dh drove around the island. Alcudia is also fab from what I remember of it too . HTH


marialuisa · 25/02/2005 13:57

My dad's from the area around Pollensa. Port de Pollenca is ok, very family oriented, clean beach (man made in places). Not a big town though and very much a place for vegging out, lots of good day trips from there. Maybe an hour at most from Palma airport. Pollenca village is very pretty, has a nice market, more of a day trip place.

Alcudia-I would say more of a package holiday destination. Has more shops and big restaurants, not loutish though.


tiredemma · 25/02/2005 14:05

i lived in majorca for a few years, my fave place on the whole island is cala d'or. theres lots going on for kids without being over the top and there are no louts.


popsycal · 25/02/2005 14:06

i liked cala d'or too
gorgeous beaches....
something for kids and grown ups


Kibby · 25/02/2005 14:37

I love Puerto Pollensa and have been most years since I was 6, it's so safe and you can walk everywhere, no louts.


laurawaterford · 06/03/2005 14:29

We went to porto colom last year. We are a family of seven - 5 children aged between 9 and 16 at time. it was better than it looked in the brochure which is always a good surprise. Our accommodation was a 3 bedroomed apartment which was more like a holiday home- we had an extra bathroom we were not expecting. a private rocky cove and within breath holding distance to the nicest sheltered, cleanest beach. The hotel has a pool - warm but basic. Resort is all built around an original village so compact but plenty of restaurants and bars - however food basic tourist fare - kids love it of course. Across the beach is the start of the town proper with more better quality restaurants we believe. Town has a harbour but little else. Entertainers were all very pleasant and entertaining!!! We came away with their cd to recreate the memories... how sad is that!!! Teenages and younger ones could go anywhere in the village without getting lost. We had peace of mind. Our 15 year old just disappeared for the two weeks. Very relaxing all round. Complex is ole club cecilia. We can book direct with them for 100 euros a day in the same apartment.


NotQuiteCockney · 06/03/2005 17:56

We went to Porto de Soller, two years ago, in the winter (out of season). I didn't like it that much, the food was greasy and there wasn't much to do.

I prefered Cyprus, but maybe we were just in the wrong bit of Mallorca.


gingerbear · 06/03/2005 18:02

I like Pollensa - possibly a bit too quiet for you. Cala d'or was highly recommended by my mum and dad - they took grandkids aged 3, 9 and 11 there last year and everyone thought it was fab. No louts and as it is several resorts on several coves, lots of variety - you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle if you want to.

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