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Toddler friendly accomodation in Glasgow

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CER · 14/02/2003 15:24

Can anybody recommend somewhere (not too expensive!) to stay in Glasgow with an 18 month old? We have a car so doesn't have to be dead central. Also any good places to eat?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have

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SueW · 14/02/2003 15:43

If you want really cheap you could try the Eurohostel . A friend and I stayed there this weekend. Clean and basic. Very central so maybe not what you want. And no tv/tea/coffee/hairdryer in the room!

There was a big room where breakfast was served - toast, butter, jams, cereal, juice, tea nad coffee each morning and a huge TV tuned to news programmes.

I think one of the others we were travelling with said she had a family room with double bed.

susanmt · 14/02/2003 16:46

We regularly stay in Travel Inns with our 2 kids as you just pay for the room and they are good at providing a little bed and a cot for us. Haven't done it in Glasgow itself but the Prestwick one is great.
Glasgow is full of good eating places - our fave (and the children like it too) is Cantina del Rey, which is behind the St Enoch Centre, its an excellent Mexican. There are good little cafes etc on Byres Road (take the underground to Hillhead) and also the Botanic Gardens at the top of the road which are good for mad running around.
I've not lived in Glasgow since I was a teaching student, but am going for the weekend in 3 weeks time, so if that is before you go I'll update you! When will you be there?

JanZ · 14/02/2003 17:11

I don't know about hotels in Glasgow as I live here but... there is a City Inn near the SECC which may offer good rates and I would have thought would be OK for a toddler. However work colleagues from London who have stayed there have said that the food is very expensive!

Good places to eat tend to depend (as always!) on how much you want to spend. Sartis, on Bath Street (and Wellingston Street, just round the corner) is an Italian restaurant which always welcomes kids. It does good lunches and evening meals and although it is creeping up in price, it is still good value. And its breakfast is GREAT value: freshly squeezed orange juce, two thick slices of Italian bread toast and jam (or a large croissant if you prefer) plus coffee for £2.50.

Buzzy Wares, downstairs in Princes Square is also good with kids and has a kids menu - although at 18 months, you may just be feeding off your own plate. Princes Square (downstairs) is also a great place to go with the youngsters as they love to run around the mosaic area (if you go, you'll see what I mean). You can always just have a coffee and watch - or do what some parents do, which is "picnic" on the steps surrounding the mosaic.

CER · 16/02/2003 15:19

Thanks for all your suggestions. I can't believe how cheap the Eurohostel is SueW. Will definately be checking that out to see if they do family rooms. Travel Inn sounds good too and other people have told me they are good places to stay as a family.

Haven't got a definate date yet. Dh has leave he has to take before the end of March and we have been talking about going to Glasgow for a while. He just hasn't got round to booking the leave yet and I thought that if I could present him with a place to stay it might spur him into action!

OP posts:
SueW · 16/02/2003 20:58

CER - there was also a Somerfield supermarket round the corner from the hostel where we stocked up on lunch food on our second day rather than paying the prices in the science centre. Plus neither of us has enjoyed the rolls we had in there. The coffee was good though (at Science Centre) and I drank gallons of latte.

CER · 19/04/2003 07:39

We finally made it to Glasgow and it was great! We stayed at the City Inn that JanZ mentioned as we thought it was a real bargain, till we got the bill and found out that breakfast wasn't included in the rate - whoops!

We found Princes Square too. Unfortunately the mosaic was covered up but ds had lots of fun going up and down the escalators and lifts and having a look at the water whilst dh and I tood turns eating.

The highlights were the opentop bus tour - ds loved the wind in his hair and all the traffic lights he could see! And the Science Centre - we could have spent the whole weekend there. Will definately be going back when the tower is working.

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