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Hotel in NEW YORK

19 replies

pickledonion · 19/02/2005 22:03

I'm looking for a pretty decent hotel in NEW YORK that is pretty central don't want ober the top expensive but at the same time want a bit of luxury any surgestions??

OP posts:

Allycat · 19/02/2005 22:05

I've not been myself but when you get some hotel names check out and they will show reviews from other real people who have stayed there. Always handy to know!!


hedghog · 19/02/2005 23:31

Go to Fodors New York discussion forums and post your question there. Chances are you'll have several answers within an hour or so. Alternatively you can always use the 'search this forum' box on the Fodors website and enter something like 'New York hotel midtown luxury' but make sure you also select the state of New York from the scroll search box on the right of the screen. If you are travelling with children you might want to check out The Avalon Hotel which is reasonably priced for a New York suite hotel and gets pretty good reviews on Tripadvisor. It may not be luxurious enough for you though. Another good place to start looking is Quikbook because you can select an area in New York and a price range. Otherwise just use Expedia to do a hotel search for your dates of travel and then look at the higher priced hotels. Do go to tripadvisor and read the reviews on any hotel before you book though.


soapbox · 19/02/2005 23:47

I've stayed at the Alex I would recommend a suite - it is absolutely fantastic!


jabberwocky · 20/02/2005 01:13

We have alway stayed at a Comfort Inn right off of Times Square here
It is convenient, the price is right, and there is (or was anyway?) a great Afghan restaurant on the same street. The last time we stayed there was about 2 or 3 years ago.


jabberwocky · 20/02/2005 01:14

Oops, noticed the "bit of luxory" part. Guess it wouldn't qualify for that. But, we tried luxory once and stayed at the Waldorf. not convenient to anything really.


pabla · 20/02/2005 21:16

I would just beware that even a so-called 4/5 star in Manhattan may not be that luxurious. I stayed in the Radisson Lexington recently which was great in terms of location (Lexington Ave and 42nd St I think) but nothing special otherwise. In fact I thought the rooms looked in need of redecorating. I was amazed when I came back and saw somewhere it was a 4 or 5 star. I think you are basically paying for the location in a lot of cases.


swedishmum · 20/02/2005 23:49

We went to Westin Times Square last year with 4 children from 10 to 5 weeks and had a great time - central enough to walk to loads of places, but will stay at Essex House next time on South Central Park as better location for older kids. With dh and no kids the best place I've stayed without kids was W Times Square, but apparently some rooms are quite small. V clubby and cool. I wouldn't stay too far South with more than one child as cabs are tiny by comparison with London.


soapbox · 20/02/2005 23:52

Swedishmum - I have stayed at the Essex house and whilst the location is fabulous the hotel leaves a lot to be desired!

I found it dark and dingy and so so unstylish - so much so that we checked out and into somewhere else halfway through our stay!


dancer77 · 21/02/2005 00:42

We stayed at the Wellington Hotel - 7th Ave can't remmeber which streetbut it was a main road leading onto broadway. 2mins walk from central park one way and 3or 4 mins walk from times square the other way. I'd definatley stay there again. very central.


swedishmum · 21/02/2005 01:02

thanks soapbox - will rethink Essex House!


nappybaglady · 21/02/2005 13:38

Dh has booked 4 of us into the redroof inn in Manhattan for a week in May. Seemed reasonably priced and located. Anyone been? (sorry to hijack)


spacedonkey · 23/02/2005 15:49

I stayed at the kitano hotel (near the empire state building). Excellent location, reasonably priced and reasonably luxurious. Japanese-run, so the service is very good!


beachyhead · 23/02/2005 15:51

I stayed at the Metropolitan before Christmas and it was horrible......


Kayleigh · 23/02/2005 15:53

My bf (that's best friend and not boyfriend!)and I stayed in the Madison Jolly Towers a couple of years back. Was a great central location and quite reasonable.


irishbird · 23/02/2005 16:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

miggy · 23/02/2005 16:10

We are staying at The Library hotel for 4 nights from tomorrow-Ill let you know if its nice next week!
There was a previous thread on this-which is where I heard of the library-have a lokk-was very useful


miggy · 23/02/2005 16:12

here it is new york hotels


Dyzzidi · 23/02/2005 16:28

We stayed at Thirty thiry hotel and was pleased with its location, room was generaly large and airy which is uncommon for new York. Didn't use any of the amenities as was on a girls holiday but would definately stay there again as nothing was a problem and concierge was great.

Oh it was just off madison on the corner of thirty thirty 4 minutes walk from Empire State so really central.


princesspeahead · 23/02/2005 17:06

Soapbox recommended the Alex to me, stayed there for 5 days and it was great. Clean, contemporary, cool (plasma screens in the bathroom! hooray!) but not uber-cool, big rooms, great location, very nice. Stayed 2 days by myself, 3 with dh and felt very happy and secure there by myself. Top tip soapbox, thanks. Have about 5 friends/colleagues who have stayed there on my recommendation since and they think it is great too.

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