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Any good child-friendly pubs in Birmingham?

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sezza · 05/02/2003 15:39

We are meeting some friends in Birmingham (they're not from B'ham in case you're wondering why i'm even typing this!) in 1 week's time. We need a decent child-friendly pub (for under 5's) which serves decent food and is within 5-10 mins drive from the M6 - any ideas please? Thanks!

OP posts:
helenmh · 06/02/2003 09:29

I dont know about pubs but we had a great early evening meal at Le petit Blanc near the canal district of birmingham. I think they do lunch time specials. They are extremely child friendly. There is a note on the menu to the effect that children are positively welcomed

Philippat · 06/02/2003 11:15

Is ANYWHERE in B'ham within 5-10mins of M6? (not on a usual day anyway).

My suggestions if you are just trying to find a place to meet up and have lunch is Ikea (junction 9 I think but don't take my word for it, I do it on autopilot) or Star City (jnt 7?). Star City has lots of restaurants, most are pretty much OK, some positively set up for kids.

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