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flying with a 13 month old

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forest · 02/02/2003 14:43

We are considering going to the states in May when dd will be 13 months. However, I am wary of flying with her as I don't know how she would sit still for that length of time. I am sure she will be walking by then - she is cruising round the furniture with great ease at the moment.
Has anyone else been on a long flight with a baby that loves to be on the go rather than sit still? If so, what was it a nightmare?

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SoupDragon · 02/02/2003 16:43

We flew to Florida with DS1 when he was (quick mental calculation...) 14 or 15 months. He'd been walking for about a month. He sat like an angel in his sky cot, flirting with the passengers sitting behind us and the cabin crew. He could see everything and there was a lot to interest him.

Later, we flew to Florida with DS2 aged 18 months and it was an absolute disaster. I have tried to wipe it from my memory!! He did not want to stay still and screamed a lot

It needn't be a nightmare and 13 months is probably a good time to do it. Take a number of small new toys/books to entertain her and small packages of favourite snacks. Oh, and if it's a night flight, drug her with something like Medised Infant, Dozol or Piriton!

mckenzie · 02/02/2003 20:54


we've taken our DS on a plane a few times and each time it has been okay (I will admit though that the max flight time was just over 4 hours.) When he was just 1 and not yet walking unaided it was the hardest but when he was 15 months old and walking it was fine. Perhaps we were just lucky but the other fliers and the crew were all okay with DS sometimes walking up and down the gangway, sitting in the big gap in front of the emergency exits etc.

As Soup dragon suggests, I would recommend trying to get a flight that ties in with a normal sleep time for your DD (it might not go to plan but then again it might).

I think the best piece of advice that I was given and that i'd like to pass on to you is this...

Worry about you and your DD and do NOT worry about the other passengers. If DD does get a bit upset or fidgetty and they give you black looks or mutter under their breath you MUST ignore them. This is your holiday, not theirs.

now anyone care to give me some advice as I'm about to fly on my own with my 20 month old DS. Only to Glasgow with Easyjet and I dont have to take too much with me as I'm staying with a friend who has children but I'm just wondering if I've bitten off more than i can chew by saying I'll fly with DS on my own. I bet lots of you have done it huh?

florenceuk · 03/02/2003 15:00

I think it depends on your DD. Have to admit, travelling to NZ with DS (13mths) has put me off longhaul for a while! Going over there, the plane was delayed until midnight - DS got horribly overtired, and wouldn't go to sleep in the cot - screamed blue murder every time we tried. Finally slept attached to the boob, and screamed when I went to the loo. We then went straight onto the next flight where he had another little nap on the boob, and then spent the rest of the flight trying to get off my lap and into the aisle, or jumping up and down giggling at the people behind us (they thought he was charming BTW). Couldn't really walk him up and down because they always seem to be serving food, duty-free etc etc, or there was turbulence so we had to go back to our seat. But we took a hippychick just in case. So yes, it was a nightmare! But the babies next to us all slept like, well, babies - they were much better behaved, and DS definitely at the tail of the distribution as far as hyperactivity concerned. BTW, if you are still BF, plan to keep it up at least until you finish the trip - it is invaluable.

forest · 03/02/2003 17:01

I think you have reassured me that it could me alright. I am still bf and plan to keep it up. I could see that being very beneficial. This is all probably wishful thinking on by me and we'll end up staying at home

OP posts:
jennifersofia · 04/02/2003 13:44

Husband and I just did 20 hr flight with 21 mth and a 3 mth old so it def. can be done. Prepare yourself by being aware that it could well be difficult, but it will also be for a limited time only. We took lots of snacks, more nappies and wipes than we thought necessary (but were!) little toys, etc. Night flight is good. Call in advance to book a skycot and also put in a request for a bulkhead. Check in early and again request bulkhead. The extra leg room useful for clobber! The main thing I learned was to not try and get the child to sleep as per any routine but simply let them wear themself out. Best of luck and enjoy your time there!

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