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Limoges: Anyone recommend a hotel or good b + b for family of 4?

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galaxy · 11/02/2005 19:14

Going to Limoges to view a property in the area in a couple of weeks and need a decent hotel for 2 nights.

Any recommendations?

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Morgan · 11/02/2005 19:30

The Ibis in the town centre is good with parking. If you can go to Le Chalet for dinner too!

galaxy · 11/02/2005 22:25

Thanks morgan...will look that up. Do you know if they do family rooms?

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Frieda · 11/02/2005 22:34

We found a wonderful B&B (chambre d'hotes) slightly out of Limoges, but in lovely countryside and only a short drive from the airport via the local tourist info. Have you tried gites de france ?

galaxy · 11/02/2005 22:35

Can you remember what it was called?

OP posts:
Frieda · 11/02/2005 22:36

Oops, that doesn't seem to work. How about gites-de-france

Frieda · 11/02/2005 22:37

Can't remember exactly, but I think dh may still have the card in his wallet. I'll have a rummage.

Frieda · 11/02/2005 23:17

I'm so sorry, galaxy ? can't seem to find it. It was over a year ago, and actually, probably wouldn't be all that suitable for very tiny ones (ds was 4) as they had quite a lot of antiques knocking about. Although it was very comfortable, and very handy for the airport. All I can remember is it was near a bridge and I think the place began with an 'a'.

Sorry to raise your hopes, then dash them again. We always find gites de france very good though. I must say I envy you if you're planning to buy something in that area ? it's really beautiful. Bonne chance!

EvaD · 11/02/2005 23:54

We stayed at chateau ribagnac near limoges - chambre d'hotes geared for little kids. It was featured in 'chaos at the castle' on channel 4, but was great and not at all chaotic. It was set up by a couple who moved from london so they would have lots to say about the area.

galaxy · 12/02/2005 17:46

Frieda, thanks anyway. We've decided to stay at a CHambre d'hote in a village near the house we're viewing for the 1st night. Spoken to the owner today and sounds lovely.

For the 2nd night, we booked in at the Novetel in Limoges which is 4 star and a bargain at £44 for all of us!!

Eva - Lovely to hear that someone enjoyed their stay at Chateau Ribegnac. Despite thinking they were completely mad, that couple are quite an inspiration aren't they? Looked at their prices and it was a bit too expensive for this trip but maybe next time. Presume you stayed there after the rooms were finished?

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