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Holidays for single parents

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Sheila · 29/03/2001 12:14

Can anyone recommend a travel company that caters for lone parents? Although I have a partner his work commitments are so ferocious that if I want a holiday at all this year I'll have to go alone with my one year old son. It would be nice to go somewhere where there is some sort of structured way of meeting other adults in a similar position.

I'm new to mumsnet so apologies if this info is already available somewhere.

OP posts:
Tigermoth · 29/03/2001 13:18

Sheila, this is probably light years away from what you have in mind, but if you're looking for a vaguely structured way of meeting other parents, single or in couples, you could try (shock horror) youth hostelling.

I went to one of the family-orientated youth hostels last year with my two sons and we shared a clean but basic en-suite room with travel cot provided. Both toddler and son could run around to their hearts content along the carpeted corridors and they made lots of friends including an 11-year old girl who wanted to play mother with my 1-year-old at every opportunity. Lots of adults to talk to as well.

Hostels include converted Georgian Houses and seaside cottages and there's one in a castle with a real dungeon - now that's a thought for a tantrumming toddler.....

Emzie · 29/03/2001 17:49

I think it is SO unfair that single/lone parents are unable to buy an affordable holiday abroad or even in England taylor made...there is a real NEED for hotels/operators to get with it and realise that many families are ONE parent and that perhaps block bookings at certain times of year (for a start) may start a profitable trend of getting people together, I am trying to take my two-year old away and do not want to play gooseberry with another couple and would deven consider taking my son's nanny but then would need two rooms! Can mumsnet help?

Allie · 30/03/2001 10:29

There must be so many of us wanting the same thing - ie a holiday with mum and kids only (whether single parent or just partner too busy), in a place with either childcare or other parents on their own. We've had some good times hostelling but beware, most rural ones seem to be closed this Easter due to foot and mouth.
If you are loaded, Club Med Ibiza will do wall-to-wall childcare when needed and all food included.

If anyone with kids under 8 wants to explore joint short breaks (lowish budget!) within striking distance of North/Midlands please reply. I know you can rent small hostels off-season for weekends - could be fun.

Tigermoth · 30/03/2001 11:09

I've just looked on the home page under Mumsnet news. According to the Guardian article mentioned here, (Jan 10 2001), there's a site called planetoneparent and they were preparing a directory of suitable holidays for single parents. I havn't looked, but it might be up and running now.

Suew · 30/03/2001 23:21

Have to admit I like to get away regularly with my 4yo. When we were in the UK, we used to go and visit NCT friends I had met through the internet and stay overnight. We also spent a week in Edinburgh with a family we met this way. DH was working away and it was lovely to go somewhere else instead of spending nights in front of the TV (or on the computer) by myself.

My DH isn't too interested in seeing Uluru (Ayers ROck) whilst we're here so I might take her to that and to the Barrier Reef. It will be much cheaper than if we went with DH as he would want 5* accommodation and we are quite happy with clean sheets!

Allie, once I am back in the UK (August) I'd be quite happy to investigate breaks with you. We'll be in Nottingham and confined to school holidays as Steffi starts school in September.

Suew · 30/03/2001 23:41

Another thought - have you considered the NCT Houseswap register? It isn't just for members but tends to be members there as it isn't widely publicised outside NCT newsletters.

Cost of joining the register is 25.85 and there are three editions produced each year, next one due May I think. There are around 200 people on the register all over the UK, a couple in France IIRC and one in California. The only other cost is your transport to and from the place you have arranged to swap with. People usually swap with others who have similar age children so facilities match e.g. highchairs, cots, etc.

More info from [email protected]

Suew · 30/03/2001 23:43

Forgot to say - I am assured it's not all 5 bed detached houses with swimming pool and tennis courts although there are those kinds of proerties. There are cottages and terraces and semis etc.

Allie · 31/03/2001 10:53

To Suew- do get in touch when you return - we are in Sheffield. Mobile 07880 864354

Suew · 31/03/2001 21:34

Thanks Allie. I'll be in touch.

Cherrian · 01/04/2001 19:43

I would be very interested to meet up with any other single mums wanting to holiday with another single mum - I have a little girl of 5 and live in central London.

I'm up for almost anything that isn't too expensive!

Lin123 · 11/05/2003 00:52

Hi if there anyone from Surrey interested in aking a holiday I have a 13 year old daughter and everything is so expensive on your own.

mammya · 11/05/2003 23:52

The Council for one-parent families have a brochure on holidays for single parents which they will send you free of charge. Their website is here but does not seem operational at the moment. It says it goes live on 15 may. HTH

Culturalmum · 30/04/2008 12:44

Try an amazing company called Small Families I've been to Tunisia, Cyprus, Portugal and Cambridge with them. Its all single parents so you don't feel like the odd one out, the pricing is reasonable considering there aren't 2 adults and even more importantly, you as the parent really get to have a holiday - as opposed to finding somewhere that is really so your child has a great time. I've found that after a few days a sort of 'communal parent' thing comes over the kids where any parent will do if something is needed. All meals are eaten together and you get to have somebody to talk to in the evening. The host stays with you all week so there is always somebody there to help in a crisis.

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