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I've finally booked a city break to Copenhagen. Can anyone reccomend some must-sees?

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Beatie · 10/02/2005 12:39

I know there are a handful of people on here who have been to Copenhagen, so I am here to pick your brains.

We're going for 4 days/nights at the end of May with our dd who will be 2yrs 6m by then.

Anything we should know? What would you say we should definitely do?

OP posts:

scotlou · 10/02/2005 13:05

The Tivoli Gardens! It's an amusement park - but tastefully done with restaurants etc as well as rides to suit everyone. I think it's probably quite expensive to get in - but your dd will love it!


Pamina3 · 10/02/2005 13:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Avalon · 10/02/2005 13:20

The zoo and the children's section of the main museum.

You can buy a tourist pass (not quite sure what it's called) from stations. Can't remember how much now, but it gives you pretty unlimited bus and train and, I think, ferry travel. It also gets you in free to the zoo, the museum and Tivoli. You still have to pay for rides in Tivoli.

Dh says the pass lasts for 72 hours and it also gives you access to other stuff.

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