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Anyone off skiing next week (half term). If so, who and where?

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Mo2 · 09/02/2005 22:48

Yes, I know it's going to be manically busy and ridiculously expensive, but we've been looking forward t it for 10 months, and we're off skiing (me, DH, DS1 (5) and DS2 (2)) on Saturday to Neustift in Austria....

Am I likely to meet any MNetters out there???

Last year we found ourselves in a chalet with a family who lived just a mile away from us !

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Mo2 · 09/02/2005 22:48

oh - sorry - bold didn't work

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LIZS · 10/02/2005 08:23

We're off to Saas Fee on Saturday for a week. Have fun, the snow is great atm and it has been sunny all week hope it lasts.


spykid · 10/02/2005 08:32

Me me!
Off to Colorado Monday with dh, ds1(6), and ds2 (4).
Can't wait although v. nervous about long flight.


Prettybird · 10/02/2005 09:07

I'm just back from a week in Meribel - but next year we'll be having to brave the half term week, as ds will have started school. Even then, we'll be having to take him out of school for three days as in Glasgow they only get two dasy off at half term and not a full week.

The crowds will be a shock to the system, after the deserted slopes last week!


Mo2 · 10/02/2005 13:32

Anyone got any 'special tips' for skiing at half term??? Had one at the week end - "take a full hip flask of whiskey - you'll need it in the queues...!"

OP posts:

Prettybird · 10/02/2005 14:15

If you are in France - get your shoulders, elbows and ski poles into action. Need to be used to block queue jumpers in the rugby scrum that is supposed to be a lift queue.

Don't know if it is as bad in Austria.

I know in Meribel that if you are careful about where you ski you can avoid the worst of the queues - and even to find relatively deserted slopes. The thing abut the half term crowds is that they tend to be lemmings and go where it is popular. A wee bit of research, eg going to the "edges" of the resorts, will help you find better skiing (in the Three Valleys, that means Courchevel 1600 and St.Martin)


sansouci · 10/02/2005 14:22

We live near Geneva & TBH have not gone skiing in years! Always some excuse... too cold, too many people (pushy French with bony elbows, etc.), kiddies too young. Will probably make the effort next season. From personal experience, highly recommend Val d'Isère/Tignes, Zermatt (v.expensive tho!!) & more downmarket (us) Flaine (ugly village but reasonable skiing) & Avoriaz (haven't been in years so maybe has changed drastically). Verbier still extremely popular, which makes it a good reason not to go!


sansouci · 10/02/2005 14:23

BTW, MN meet-up in or around Geneva?


Prettybird · 10/02/2005 14:59

Another tip I've remebered - have lunch either really early or really late (have a mid morning coffee/hot chocolate (with contents of hipflask odf course ) break to keep your energy levels up). That way, you miss the crowds in the restarants at lunch time and you get to ski on (relatively) deserted slopes over lunch.


Anteater · 10/02/2005 20:36

Were here now!! In Lech, Austria, actually Oberlech, 300m above Lech, so far the weather has been fantastic, masses of snow, all in first class condition. The Hotels the best we have ever stayed in with children. Its 'Carnival' week (equiv to our half term..) so loads of Germans etc
Would recomend Oberlech to anyone with children.. ski school is 20 meters from the hotel door.
Next week I would suggest booking a table for lunch. Probably inside on Sunday and Monday as snow is forcast.

have a great week, dont forget the sledge run!


LIZS · 10/02/2005 20:48

Thanks Anteater, looks like we should get fresh snow this weekend too ! Very of Lech.

btw I wonder if the Austrian Faschnacht celebration is the same as Swiss - last year we got rudely awoken at 4am and intermittently thereafter by bands moving through the town from restaurant to restaurant. The kids got to take part in the procession later on though which was quite cool. tbh hope to avoid it this year if we're lucky, once is quite enough !


Mo2 · 10/02/2005 21:01

Anteater - thanks
Quick question - how cold is it out there on the slopes. Do you reckon the kids will need thermal leggings?
We went at Easter last year and it was warm....

OP posts:

LIZS · 10/02/2005 21:05

Definitely Mo2. ds has been skiing for the last 4 weekends and no way would I let him go without, or want to myself. thinkt he ski trousers are more comfy with them anyway, less slippery !


LIZS · 10/02/2005 21:06

sorry, jumped in a bit !


Mo2 · 10/02/2005 21:53

LizS- that's OK - Anteater is clearly off having a few gluweins!!! (Yum - can't wait!)

OP posts:

Prettybird · 11/02/2005 15:40

... and yes I know I'm just back. Doesn't stop me from wanting to go again!


Anteater · 11/02/2005 16:31

Mo2, Snow all day today and 0 degrees, ie nearly rain. The forcast here is snow for the next 3 days but getting colder each day with Tuesday at -14 degrees. Would defo say long johns or tights under salopetts(sp)

Got a top tip from German lady on lift this morning; they always try to swop children with another family from their hotel before going to ski school..!

Austria is a very happy place after the Herminators victory in the downhill yesterday..Celebrations until late, we of course being token Austrians for the week joined in!

The ski school had a mini down hill this morning which was great but bought tears to our eyes... DD1 and DS2 with number bibs flying down a slope Mrs A and I gave a very hard stare! DS finished 4th and DD 6th, such pride!


JJ · 11/02/2005 16:44

We'll be in Lermoos, Austria! I'm excited, if feeling a bit daunted about the trip.


Sponge · 11/02/2005 17:14

Not for half term but the week after we'll be in val d'isere. Have special permission from the headmaster to take dd out of school for a week so we can go - half term too busy.
Can't wait .


LunarSea · 17/02/2005 17:26

No - but just back from British Columbia, where ds (3.5) has discovered a liking for skiing bumps (or "kangaroos" as he calls them after his favourite run!)


LIZS · 21/02/2005 07:44

And the verdicts ?

We had a seriously cold first few days (really needed the thermals!), some lifts closed due to winds, but sunny for last few days. Kids loved the dry toboggan run but the real snow one was too icy for them to go on safely. Ski school somewhat overwhelmed and classes were excessively large imho. ds did well though - skied from 3500m on top of the glacier down to village at 1800m, and has developed a liking for going off through trees and over jumps and half pipes. dd found it too cold for her liking but did ski a few afternoons on the snow garden and enjoyed propping up the snow bar afterwards with a hot chocolate and a lollipop - she even got on the regulars' seats ! We managed a few hours skiing each day without the kids but it seemed to take us ages to get up the mountains each time.

Anyway now have a cough/temperature bug which I started on Friday and the kids have now so no school or playgroup today - and dh is away until Thursday. Back to earth with a huge bump (or should I not mention that word ...).


monkey · 21/02/2005 08:22

we're off to Austria on Saturday - fingers crossed they'll all be healthy again - hope it's quietened down a bit - hoping to give the 2 eldest a taste of skiing.

lizs - thermal leggings - really a must? Tights not do? If not, where do I get thermal leggings? Maybe off into Zurich this pm, if I'm feeling mad enough

hope you're feeling better soon -ours are still battling with c=various colds etc, so hopefully all will be well with us before Saturday


LIZS · 21/02/2005 08:38

Hi monkey

I'm sure tights would work the same just with ski socks as well could get a bit bulky. For the kids I got some in Manor last year and some in Migros this (cotton long leggings and long sleeve vests). dd wore normal leggings over the top too as she was in a creche all morning and they then put her snow clothes over the top, so she wore long underwear, polo neck and leggings, fleece then outer clothes. She gets cold easily if she doesn't move around though. ds had the long underwear, polo neck, fleece gilet and then his outer layer and was fine but we did get him a neck warmer so he could cover his face and nose when it was really cold.

Hope your kids recover quickly and have a great time - there should be plenty of snow there by now !! It's still coming down hard here and they had more here last week than we did in Wallis. btw when dh went into Zurich a couple of weeks ago looking for ski bits he found very little - seems they think the season is over already.


Joanna3 · 21/02/2005 10:16

Thermal leggings and vest are definately preferable to tights - my dd suffers from the cold but was fine wearing thermals. I got some from John Lewis last year.


LunarSea · 21/02/2005 10:41

Asda had thermal leggings in kids sizes last time I looked (admittedly about a month ago now).

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