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the honest view of holidays?

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tatt · 06/02/2005 08:19

anyone know where to find the guide that travel agents use to tell them what holiday accomodation is really like? Is it online or just under the counter? We've sen a cheap holiday advertised and would like to know what the drawbacks are.

OP posts:
Cristina7 · 06/02/2005 08:24

If you have the hotel's name, do a search for it on the internet. It might give you an idea about it. Some holidays are cheap because they're out of season or there are just good deals around. Where are you going?

StuartC · 06/02/2005 08:42

It's not the travel agents guide, but you could try Holidays Uncovered here .

tatt · 06/02/2005 09:00

its Limasol in Cyprus. Accomodation is not on Stuart's link - but thanks for that, would be useful anothr time. Bit nervous about Limasol s its described as an industrial port with virtually no beach.

OP posts:
happymerryberries · 06/02/2005 09:06

The beach is, iirc, man made and quite small, and looks a bit like a concete strip (mind you I saw it years ago, it might have imroved since then). Will you be getting a car in with the holiday? If so there are much nicer places to go to in cyprus. Don't want to put you off, but limassol wouldn't be my first choice

StuartC · 06/02/2005 09:09

Here's another one - this page is specifically for Limassol

fredtbad · 06/02/2005 09:36

I never book a holiday without consulting trip advisor, a site where people review everything about travel and holidays: from hotels to restaurants.

tatt · 06/02/2005 09:42

Limassol wasn't our first choice, either. However we could go there for almost £600 less than paphos ( just a week's holiday) - which would mean being able to hire a car/ try waterskiing and do bowling/ waterpark. That link was really helpful, Stuart. I think I'm going to wait until dh is back to talk to him. At the moment while nervous about comments elsewhere about the nightlife (strip joints, not really what you want with children) I think I'm inclined to go for it.

OP posts:
happymerryberries · 06/02/2005 10:26

I would go for it with a car, as there are lots and lots of places to see. Lots of acncient ruins, castles etc. A trip up into the mountains can be fab as well. We had a great holiday in Pisouri some years ago, but it was having thecar that 'made' theholiday, IYSWIM. Just don't expect much from limassol itself and use it as a base

Cristina7 · 06/02/2005 11:07

We went to Limassol many years ago and had a nice time. The town is a bit busy but nothing "wrong" with it otherwise. You can also hire taxis to go places, even longer distances (e.g. Limassol-Nicosia), they are a very usual form of transport and generally good value for money.

My sister is married to a Cypriot. They live in Nicosia but her in-laws live in Limassol.

Tinker · 06/02/2005 12:25

I secong using Trip Advisor. Very revealing. Just booked recently and 2 posts (a year or so apart) both said that at one hotel, the toilet seat was removed on the first day for repairs and never returned!?

strawberry · 06/02/2005 13:48

I have asked travel agents to show me the guide and it has never been a problem. Personally I don't like Limassol as it is a big town rather than holiday resort.

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