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Reasonably priced accommodation (for a couple) in London.

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Bozza · 22/01/2003 17:04

DH and I are thinking of having a night in London to celebrate my 30th in March but we really do not have a lot of money to spare so would like sensibly priced accommodation. We are planning on travelling by train to Kings Cross.

Any ideas? Hotels or useful websites welcome.

OP posts:
munchbunch · 22/01/2003 19:15

bozza - some of the chains do some good deals (might be worth trying travel inns, holiday inns etc though these are generally slightly out of town, but the money you save could go towards the celebration!). Otherwise, also has some last minute deals on posh hotels with theatre tickets/ dining options that might be worth checking out. Am sure you'll find something in Kings Cross but it's not that great an area and you might prefer to stay somewhere else. Otherwise I believe there are some nice hostels (there's one in Hampstead)...though as a Londoner I probably knwo less about these sort of things than a non Londoner! Happy 30th!

ks · 22/01/2003 19:35

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Message withdrawn

Batters · 22/01/2003 20:47

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW · 22/01/2003 21:55

The Travel Inn at County Hall is a good location - v close to the London Eye. 80 quid M-Th and 75 F,Sa,Su.

jac34 · 22/01/2003 22:34

That one was recomended to me by a friend, very good value for money, apparently !!
I would also suggest looking on the Travel lodge web site.We tend to use these when we go away on weekend trips with the kids as well, as you can all stay in the same room, at no extra cost and we have always found them a pretty good standard.

pupuce · 22/01/2003 22:52

Yeah... Travel Inn is excellent... good value!
The one nest to London Bridge is good too if the County Hall is full.
Prices have gone up though Sue, I paid 65£ 1 year ago (on a week day)!

sed · 23/01/2003 06:26

Try the Moat House on Sloane Square. They have a Spring Break deal and I booked yesterday for midweek in March, for £70 a night including full breakfast (which many hotels charge about 12 pounds for!) And have a lovely time!!

robinw · 23/01/2003 06:51

message withdrawn

Bozza · 23/01/2003 09:35

Thanks everyone for the advice. DH and I are now wondering about a night away in a country hotel (probably come out at a similar price including everything and be more relaxing) and then taking DS to London later in the year so the advice will be very useful then.

OP posts:
valleygirl · 23/01/2003 10:56

Just quickly going back to London, when you visit with whole family, always have really good discounts on hotels, often up to 70% off, and hotel vary from 3-5* standard.
Re: Country escape - I stayed at this absolutely gorgeous place in Devon called Tor Cottage for my 26th Birthday - a really wonderful place for a romantic getaway, At the time they had a winter special so it worked out 2 for price of 1, and included in price is really nice breakfast, and a welcome hamper with a bottle of cava, cocolates, cheese and buiscuits, etc. also have really lovely wood burning stoves to keep warm in front of. The B&B has maximum occupancy of 6 people if I recall (no kids!!), so very private, very quiet, and is in beautiful countryside. Has a swimming pool for summer months for any others interested in going in warmer months! HTH

Bozza · 23/01/2003 11:34

Sounds wonderful.

OP posts:
CookieMonster · 23/01/2003 11:57

whereabouts in Yorkshire are you? For a fabulous country house how about the Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey - dh and I used to go now and again pre-dd to treat ourselves. If you stay in a 'normal' room rather than a four-poster room it's not that expensive ....

zebra · 23/01/2003 13:10

There used to be a lot of reasonable priced B+B's on Gower Street, in Central London. I imagine you would find them now on eyp or similar website. They were listed in England Let's Go guides, and are where I sent my parents when they used to come visit me 10 years ago. I remember the prices were about 1/4 to half of what you would pay elsewhere near the centre.

Bozza · 23/01/2003 14:14

I actually know the Devonshire, Cookiemonster (been to weddings there) but wouldn't have considered it - so thanks for the idea. Thanks everyone else too - its all very informative.

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