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Short break holidays in South/Southwest in August?

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jane313 · 29/01/2005 10:47

We are hoping to go away with another couple for a few days in August. We will both have 2 yr olds and were thinking of renting a cottage. We only want a short break but it can be midweek or weekends. All the companies seem to only do shirt breaks in winter. Does anyone know of any that don't? Or anything else really that would be toddler friendly

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tamum · 29/01/2005 11:10

I'm guessing that in August it will be pretty well impossible to get anyone to rent you a cottage for part of the week to be honest. They will be very geared up to week long stays at that time of year. What might be a better bet would be to try and find somewhere with lodges/chalets/cottages linked to a hotel, where they will be used to people staying for shorter times and have full-time cleaning staff. Unfortunately the only places I know of like that are in Scotland, but I'm sure someone will know of something similar. Ickworth has self-catering bits but it's very expensive.

LIZS · 29/01/2005 11:21

Bedruthan Steps have self catering details here but not sure of minimum stay and cost. Is it too far though ?

jane313 · 29/01/2005 13:32

thanks, I thought that would be the case over the summer. Its so annoying being with a teacher! You never get to have off peak hols. Devon may be a bit too far as we have to drive to pick up the others then drive to wherever and my son can only take about 20 mins in the car if not asleep otherwise he has to be fed snacks!

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Surfermum · 29/01/2005 13:38

Have you considered camping? You can book pitches for as many nights as you like. What about the New Forest or Bournemouth/Poole area? Lovely beach and lots of other things to do if it's wet. IME during peak times cottages only book for a week.

jane313 · 30/01/2005 15:48

I'm not too keen on camping (its that getting up in the night to go to the loo thing) I'm also a bit of a wimp really. That area looks great (difficult to choose beween forest and sea) and I have found a child friendly very reasonable b&b pub near lulworth cove. I can't believe some of the hotels that I found; they charge a fortune of have a 2 year old in your room even though ours woud be in a cot! And also these expensive places that have creches with nannies, how the other half live!

OP posts:
Surfermum · 31/01/2005 20:21

I have my trusty camping wee bucket! , no trips across the field in the night for me. Camping isn't everyone's cup of tea though. Lulworth Cove is lovely.

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