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driving to Greek island (towing boat) with a 4 month old and staying 3 months.....are we mad?!

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lalaa · 16/01/2003 20:00

I've found lots of helpful advice from previous threads re travelling abroad with small babe. However, am seeking advice/reassurance re:
buying clothes, food and equipment (nappies,etc) while we're there.....what should I stock up on here (really, the question is, what's more expensive out there), and is there anything I'm going to find difficult to source (ie it's only available in the UK).
GRMUM, I need your help!!

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SofiaAmes · 17/01/2003 01:52

Everything will be cheaper there! The only baby thing I've found to be difficult to source outside of the usa and england is disposable swimming nappies. Also, you might want to bring some paba free suntan lotion with you as although it exists everywhere, it can sometimes be hard to find and you wouldn't want to have your baby in the sun without lotion. Good luck!

GRMUM · 17/01/2003 08:02

lalaa, I've seen your message and will get back with more info over the weekend(in a rush today I'm afraid)Let me know which island/s you are going to so i can be more specific.

eefs · 17/01/2003 09:48

I'm jealous Ialaa! you'll have a great time, what an experience.
I'd bring a good supply of baby medicines, i.e. Calpol, some of those re-hydration sachets (don't know the name of them) and teething gel. If you understand greek then you should be able to get the equivalent over there, but they'd be handy for the journey down in any case.

lalaa · 17/01/2003 11:48

We're going to Paxos - just south of Corfu.

Thanks to everyone for advice so far .....

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susanmt · 17/01/2003 20:14

Sounds Fab! No advice, but wish it was me!!

GRMUM · 20/01/2003 04:42

Hi lalaa sorry I've taken a whie to answer you.This is a tricky one Paxos as you know is a very small island and resources will be more limited than some of the bigger more touristy islands.Having said that if you are there for 3 months you can always go to Corfu once a month on the ferry to stock up on anything you can't find or go by caique to Parga which is very popular with british tourists and should have plenty of stuff available.
If you are bf your baby obviously there's no problem for milk!If you are bottle feeding you won't find the same brands here.Let me know what brand you use and the manufacturer and I'll find out if its available by a different name.The milk for babys up to 6 months in age can only be bought in Chemists in Greece so keep that in mind not to run out on a Sunday or bank holiday when it may be difficult to find a chemist open.(if you were ever desperate just ask around 'cos somebody will always know somebody who can get the chemist to open up shop if nec!!)Milk for 6 months on is available in the supermarkets.I would advise using bottled water for making up feeds at least until you can gauge the water supply.
Baby foods I think you will find more difficult to get hold of.They have very few of the jar type foods out here.There's several makes of powdered foods around but only a very limited range of tastes available(and they are all sweet none of the savoury meals you can get in uk)Babys aren't started on solids until 6 months here.The best thing would be to bring a small blender and do your own food.
Disposable nappies should be no problem.
Medecines - i would bring a supply from UK.Of course you can find everything here but they are all different makes and I think you would feel happier with what you know.Especially bring a cough syrup from uk as they don't have such good ones here. If you ever need a doctor here (which I hope you wont)for the baby you must ask for a paediatrician.Theres no real GP system in Greece so you go to whatever speciality you need. A doctors visit will cost around 25-30 euros -maybe cheaper on the islands.I should get all the relevant forms on reciprical health care so you can claim anything back.
Clothes -you can of course get whatever you need here.Childrens clothes in particular can be more expensive here but if you are coming in the summer months you wont need so much.Loads of tshirts - big and baggy will be cooler.
I can't think of anything else at the moment feel free to ask whatever you want to know.You are also welcome to get my e-mail from tech and I can give you my mobile number - if you ever needed any help i can always speak to people in greek for you.You say that you've read all the threads about babies in the sun ie sun-cream, fluids etc.Also I would srongly recommend that whilst you are here you get your baby into a "mediterranean" routine ie longer nap in the middle of day and up later at night when its cool.The greeks love babies and you will meet loads of people through your baby.I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Are you going to be working out here or just holidaying?

lalaa · 20/01/2003 22:30

Thanks so much GRMUM. Great advice. Will contact tech for your e-mail.

We're lucky enough to both work freelance so we've planned this to be holidaying for as much of the 3 months as poss. Dh has work immediately before and after, and I'm just about leaving the newborn warzone (dd is 10 weeks today) so haven't yet got my head around working....can't see much happening before we get back......

Thanks again and I'll contact you via e-mail soon.....

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