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First beach holiday with a toddler?

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Earlybird · 28/01/2005 14:57

DD (3.11) has said repeatedly that she wants to go to the beach, as she's never been. She's now said it enough, that it's clearly not an impulsive throw-away comment. So, I'm starting to think about planning a trip.

DD and I would go on our own, as I'm a single parent. I want it to be somewhere warm/hot, with nice sand, and the ability to wade/swim in the water (no rough surf or freezing water). Would like good food easily accessible, and also would like the option of childcare or kids clubs (so that I won't have to be dd's playmate every moment). I'm not opposed to the idea of renting a car, but also like the idea of a "campus" location with all amenities on site. Don't want it to be scary expensive, but also am not on a strict budget.

I've wondered if a Mark Warner type holiday would suit us, but would love to hear negative/positive stories from anyone who's been. Also would love to hear about specific villages that you love/hate.

Anyone got any other favourite places that they're willing to share? Any other tips for making it a fun/relaxing break?

OP posts:
lowcalCOD · 28/01/2005 14:58


Earlybird · 28/01/2005 14:59

Coddy - you're fast! Any special hotel/complex?

OP posts:
lowcalCOD · 28/01/2005 15:01

I dont know as if you go outside school hgols it alot calmer
we went to son bou and the beacj was great really shallow and enough activity in the evening to be diverting but not frantic
dont nwo how exclsive you want eihter look at son bou gardens int he main agents brochures

hoxtonchick · 28/01/2005 15:03

if you want to stay in the uk we had a lovely holiday last year (with 3 toddlers), at woolacombe bay. gorgeous beach, sweet little village. we stayed at the woolacombe bay hotel which had great facilities for the chidren - indoor & outdoor pools, adventure playground, kids club. we stayed in self catering flats or you could stay in the hotel. if you want warm/hot you're looking at high summer though...

Satine · 28/01/2005 15:05

My parents have just been to Guernsey and said that it was ideal for small children - sheltered, shallow beaches, warm sea (due to Gulf stream) and lots to do in a small space. Can't give you any more details, I'm afraid, but you can fly or get the ferry. HTH

Surfermum · 28/01/2005 15:07

If you wanted to do a day trip, Bournemouth ticks your boxes. In the school holidays they have free kids clubs on the beach. The water is not as warm as the Med though!

Earlybird · 28/01/2005 18:57

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Any suggestions from the night crowd?

OP posts:
myermay · 28/01/2005 19:08

Message withdrawn

chatee · 28/01/2005 19:30

hotel presidente in portinatx, ibiza it's a thomson super family hotel...right near a lovely main beach and with good facilities too...
we took dd for her first holiday and will hopefully return there for ds's first holiday abroard later this year...
hope that helps

Merlot · 28/01/2005 19:33

Puerto Pollensa Majorca or Cala Galdana Menorca

Cant recommend any specific hotels that are good for SP though

Posey · 28/01/2005 19:48

We went to Jersey last year. A fortnight of glorious weather, beautiful beaches (particularly St. Brelades Bay) and a truly relaxing holiday. Only 30minutes flight from Southampton which was a huge bonus for us. But its not particularly cheap, in fact its quite an expensive place and the weather is "guaranteed" like a lot of Med. countries.

Posey · 28/01/2005 19:49

Should have said the weather isn't guaranteed.

Earlybird · 29/01/2005 17:34

These are all super suggestions. A friend suggested Corsica and Tunisia might be good possibilities. Anyone here have experience (good or bad) of either place? Specific suggestions for hotels much appreciated.

OP posts:
lapsedrunner · 29/01/2005 20:33

Corsica is fantastic but went there before ds was born. Would love to go back amd beleive have apartments with childcare. Otherwise how about Normandy. We stayed near Omaha beach last summer (ds was 1.10), fanstasic sand but not too hot. Can recommend booking direct through

lowcalCOD · 29/01/2005 20:36

yes she wont be a todd;er then will she?

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