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taking 6m.o. twins to Australia - am I mad?

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harrogatemum · 26/01/2005 12:11

I have booked flights to take my twins (now 10 weeks) to Australia to see my husbands family in May. They will be 6 months old. Am I crazy? And does anyone have any tips/hints/recommendations on how to cope on such a long flight? Plus can I take their buggy with me or does it count as extra baggage?

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MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 26/01/2005 12:14

Yes you're mad, but then I am jealous . You can take the buggy, but remember that airlines aren't especially careful with them. You can keep the buggy right up to the plane and then someone will take it to be stowed with the luggage. At 6 months they shouldn't be too mobile, so that will help. Remember to feed them as the plane takes off, because of air pressure, ears popping etc. Can't help further sorry. Hope it goes well.


harrogatemum · 26/01/2005 12:24

Thanks for that - I wasnt sure about the buggy so that has set my mind at rest! Just got the tickets and they have a 10kg allowance each - they bloody need it too, just think how many bottles they will need for 24 hours. The more I think about it the madder I think it is, oh well, cant change it now!!

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scotlou · 26/01/2005 12:30

If you've not already done so, book air cots (think that's what they are called!) for them both and book where you are sitting now! It makes a big difference if you can put them down somewhere rather than holding them all the time.
Have fun!!


harrogatemum · 26/01/2005 12:32

I have booked the skycots but on one leg of the journey they have advised us that due to the location of the cots we cant sit together! So there will be my husband in one seat, and me three seats away....dont you feel sorry for the two people who have to sit in the middle of us!!

OP posts:

mishi1977 · 26/01/2005 12:45

harro..yes u r mad but am sure u will have a fab took ds on first plane trip but was only 3hrs at 6mths....ur buggy isnt extra baggage and u can keep it until u board..literally as u get on they fold it down and putit in the hold...ds was great on the flight and was interested in take off but then went to sleep...only tips someone gave me was to buy a new toy for the flight and to take their faves aswell and also about giving them a drink of milk or water at landing and take off

take care


mishi1977 · 26/01/2005 12:46

about bottles if they are on formula it may be worth doing the steribottles n cartons for flight? dont know just a


scotlou · 26/01/2005 13:09

There are some good websites about travelling with kids - if you google you will find some. We took our 2 kids - then 3 years and nearly one - to the USA a couple of years ago and it was fine - although not such a long trip as you!. Worst bits were nappy changing (but my dh did that and took my ds to the toilet!!) and going through immigration. We got them both changed into PJs / sleep suits on the flight so they could be put straight into bed on arrival. We took cartons of follow on milk for the wee one and pre-sterilised bottles - although I find the cartons a nightmare to open without scissors. Ours were older, so needed more toys to amuse them - with any luck your 2 will sleep most of the way!


SofiaAmes · 26/01/2005 22:03

Make sure you take in carry on enough nappies to include the hours at the airport before and after and any possible delay time. Bring food for yourself as well that's easy to eat with one hand. And bring your own very large water bottle so that you don't run out and can have water handy whenever you need it.


milge · 27/01/2005 00:15

Hi harrogatemum- you probably are slightly mad, but having done the trip to Australia this time last year with 13 month old twins, i lived to tell the tale.
I would certainly not go now with 2 year olds, and i think at 6 months it will be ok. Everyone looked at us in horror at the thought of twins on a plane for 24 hours, but it was actually fine. I would say one word to you, though - drugs. Calpol and Medised!. If you have anything specific you want to ask, fire away, or CAT me. I'll try to remember. Just one thing, keep ringing up your airline to check on your bulkhead seats and skycots. Don't rely on the travel agent to do it for you. I was so paranoid, and at check in, they may very well re shuffle seats so that there aren't some poor souls inbetween you and DH. They did for us, and some lucky b&^&%% got upgraded. Good luck


jenkel · 27/01/2005 00:37

I think you are doing it at a good age, dont have experience of twins but we flew to Australia in November with a 8 month old and a 2 year old, the 2 year old was a lot harder worker than the 8 month old. Mainly as the 2 year old wanted to walk around and was very restless during the flight, there is a limited amount that 6 months old can do.

From what I can gather some airlines are really helpfull and others are not so helpfull. We flew with Singapore and they were brilliant. Buggys are extra to your baggage allowance, we were allowed to take it to the door and it was waiting for us just as we got off the plane at Singapore and Sydney. We used the cartons of milk for the 8 month old and got the stewards to open them for us.

We gave Medised to the 8 month old, but she was fine, it was her sister that was the nightmare.

Take loads of nappies, and I would suggest taking a small toilet bag with a couple of nappies and wet wipes/cream in etc. The toilets are not large, you probably wouldnt have space ofr a large nappy bag, you and baby.

We had a delay coming home of 5 hours in Singapore, we booked into the transit hotel actually in the airport, was very cheap and was great. We could stretch out, have a shower etc. You book them for periods of 6 hours.

Lots of toys, probably quiet toys unless you want everybody looking at you. We had a balloon given to us at Singapore and it kept out 8 month old quiet for hours, god knows what would have happened if she had popped it.....

Good luck and enjoy.


IlanaK · 27/01/2005 14:40

I have no experience of twins, but recently went to Oz with my 3 year old and my then 5 month old. I agree that the baby was the easier of the 2. We flew Singarpore Air and they did go out of their way to be helpful. We had buggy (for 3 year old) right up to the door and then as we got off each leg too at the door. We booked cot but did not use it as baby would not sleep in it so we found it more of an inconvenience. )Once it is in place, you can't really get out of your seat as it is in the way. I think with 6 month olds, they are easily amused byt seeing things around them. I would not bother with too many toys. We packed lots and he was not interested in them at all - more intested in the plastic spoon that came with our meal. Your hand baggage would be better used for nappies, food, etc. I can't help with the bottles as I brastfeed, but I would guess what ever is the most space saving method would be good. If you are flying through Singapore nad have time between flights you might want to consider the transit hotel in the airport. You book a room in 6 hour time slots and it gives you somewhere to rest your weary head. My dh took the kids out around the airport while I caught up on a couple of hours sleep.


lunavix · 27/01/2005 14:45

One idea for planes is to see if the catering has a microwave... if you take those mothercare microwave sterilised bottles and that ready made formula you will only need a couple of bottles and you can get the stewardesses to microwaves your bottles.


RTKangaMummy · 27/01/2005 14:51

Is it you and your DH?

Or just you and babies?


harrogatemum · 27/01/2005 17:32

it is both DH and the babies and me going...I believe that airlines wont let you take more than one infant per adult so I would have been scuppered if I had been going alone! A bit like going to have two adults for two babies but thats another story...
Thanks for all your tips and Milge - what does CAT me mean? I'm a bit of a newcomer to this website!!

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 27/01/2005 17:36

That was the reason I asked

CAT is contact another talker

click on the top and you can send a message via mumsnet


RTKangaMummy · 27/01/2005 17:37

If you havent booked already would deffo go with singapore airlines

we love them


harrogatemum · 27/01/2005 17:48

I love Singapore Airlines too, been last two times to Aus with them...(DH is an AUssie hence the reason we go back so often) but this time have booked with Emirates to try a change!
Anyone flown with them and got any comments?

OP posts:

jenkel · 27/01/2005 20:18

I've flown with them a few times pre kids. Thought they were really good but no experience of them with kids.


milge · 27/01/2005 21:45

We went with Emirates, they were ok. Not fantastic, but not awful. We only picked them cos of the price - Singapore airlines( which we would have preferred) were about 20% more expensive at Xmas time. Stewardesses didn't fall over themselves to help, and we had a huge row with one over the bassinets, she was a right cow. I think you get grumpy air hostesses on all non asian airlines, though.


sallystrawberry · 27/01/2005 21:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

milge · 29/01/2005 09:08

Harrogatemum - i got your CAT and have emailed you back! the system works!


eidsvold · 01/02/2005 09:36

not sure if these have all been answered but here goes

yes can take buggy right up to gate and it will be there when you alight. We also had the buggy given to us on our hour or so stop over in SIngapore.I would also take a sling or two - found that invaluable when we travelled with dd aged 8 months - first trip.

book skycots - definitely and keep stressing you have twins etc.

Take steribottles and formula in cartons ( if bottle feeding) - you can jettison as you go - found them sooo helpful - bag was quite light by the time we got to Aus. I also packed a couple of nappies and wipes and cream into a small bag I could take to the loo to change them. Singapore also give you a bag with a couple of nappies, bibs, and wipes.( that was for one child!!)

Who are you flying - in the middle of the row on SIngapore are two skycots - depends on how the seats are allocated though I guess.

Singapore are brilliant - flew both times with dd to aus on them - when she was 8 months old and then earlier last year when she was almost 2.

Gave dd a bottle with water in for taking off.

Cabin crew were very helpful and can't praise them highly enough - nothing was too much trouble.

Anything else I can tell you? hope that is a help.


Skribble · 04/02/2005 00:08

Consider a change of top for you and DH just a lightweight t-shirt that can be rolled up. Not much fun sitting in a poo smeared top because you hit turbulance during a smelly change. Even a pair of lightweight leggings if you can squeeze them in your bag, not very attactive but very welcome if it all gets a bit messy. Plenty of bibs also disposible ones are good but not very absorbant.

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