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Holidaying in Gozo for first time

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Nattie · 14/01/2003 00:05

Does anybody know of any good (not too expensive) self-catering accommodation on Gozo? I have heard that it's nice for young families (dd 2 years, ds 5 years)- quiet and nice beaches. We wouldn't need any 'activities' but access to a pool would be a bonus.


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Tissy · 14/01/2003 08:54

Sorry, no help with apartments, as we stayed in a hotel when we went (pre-dd), but we loved Gozo, and plan to go back. It is quiet, but there are things to do, and the beaches are mostly lovely (but don't expect toilet facilities except on the largest ones).We went in April, which was low-season, but I still got very burnt, so pack plenty of high-factor sun cream and big floppy hats,and use them even if its cloudy! Everyone speaks English, the Gozitans LOVE children (and cats!)and are really friendly. The old-fashioned Bedford buses are really cheap, and the helicopter transfer from the airport on Malta is fun! Enjoy yourselves, and if anyone does come up with any cheap apartments, we might see you there!

aloha · 14/01/2003 10:44

There's only one really nice beach, Ramla beach, but it's perfect for children - gentle waves, soft sand etc etc. My stepdaughter (then nine) absolutely loved it. I'd stay in a town near there if we went back. If I can remember the name I will post it (nice town square with restuarants for eating out of doors). Gozo's incredibly old-fashioned and rather charming and we liked it. It is quite cheap too. We stayed in a house with a pool that we rented over the internet (just typed something like villas gozo into google). One word of warning though. It's a VERY Catholic country and each tiny town has a massive cathedral in the middle of it. Some of them ring the clock tower bells ALL NIGHT!!! Aaargh. It's a very quiet place so it is deafening and you can't sleep. Plus the bells wake the dogs, who bark and wake the roosters, who crow...etc etc. We were pretty haggard with lack of sleep and that was with earplugs from day 3. I would check that out wherever you rent. No staying near a big church with clocktower bells that ring all night...

Nattie · 14/01/2003 14:13

Thank you for these. I'll search the net. I'm a bit nervous of booking my own accommodation and flight, though! If I was doing it for myself I probably wouldn't worry, but having the responsibility of organising the family summer holiday is a bit daunting!

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valleygirl · 14/01/2003 14:27

try calling Belleair Holidays (0208 785 3266) or Sunspot (01580 715 321)- they have self catering apts on Gozo. Sandy beach in Ramla Bay I think.

aloha · 14/01/2003 16:04

It's actually quite easy to book over the internet - I'm useless at organising things but I found this quite simple. The people at the other end who rent houses are helpful and have done it a million times before. Gozo is tiny and sleepy and not known for its conmen! The houses are very pretty on the whole, just beware of the noise!

Nattie · 14/01/2003 20:19

thanks aloha, I'll let you know how I get on!

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