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anyone been to tobago

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helenmh · 13/01/2003 12:24

We read a newspaper article about this island and it sounded wonderful. Has anyone been? Any recommendations of accommodation. we would prefer self catering or bed and breakfast.

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valleygirl · 13/01/2003 14:57


Have a look at the website for Blue Waters Inn on Tobago -
Has 2 bedroom self-catering dependancies, as well as having hotel facilities like the restaurant and bar.
It's relatively cheap for the Caribbean, on a very nice beach, great for snorkelling, within walking distance (10 mins or so) of the village of Speyside, so you can choose to eat out in the evening. Have heard staff are a little surly, the benefits outweigh I think.

KeepingMum · 13/01/2003 16:12

Hi, we spent 2 weeks in Tobago in October with our 18 month old ds. We had a great time. Stayed away from Crown Point and travelled around a bit, on buses, and hitches with kind guest house owners. We had arranged the first few nights at Cuffey River Nature Reserve in self-catering but were upgraded to a very nice room. We then found guest houses in Castara and Charlotteville each time we arrived with the help of lonely planet and talking to locals on the bus. Some were basic but sufficient for us. Most have a/c. The beaches were gorgeous and deserted and the people incredibly friendly, especially away from Crown Point where most of the tourists are. If you self-cater you can buy fresh fish from the local fishermens co-op on the beach and restaurants in the smaller towns sell gorgeous food. It is very small island and probably would be worth hiring a car for a couple of days to see all over. Not sure if we would go back but only because it is so small that we felt we had probably seen what we wanted but would definitely recommend it. HTH

willow2 · 13/01/2003 19:58

Bestfriend went and absolutely loved it. Said it was beautiful and people were lovely.

prufrock · 14/01/2003 08:48

We went to Blue waters as our last holiday pre dd (not s/c but htey do have that option) It was one of the most wonderful holidays I have ever had. We go to the Caribeean every year and try to get to a different island each time, and Tobago is the best so far. Very quiet - except for being woken at 7 am by the casurina birds. There are limited nightlife options - in fact , there is no nightlife away from Crown point, but we were v. happy to sit in the bar, watching the waves lap against the beach whilst drinking rum punch and talking to the locals. DH got to play football in speyside with the man who "found" Dwight Yorke so he was happy. We also learned to scuba (very reasonable price at blue waters for the PADI course.
Blue Waters also has a library with internet access so you can keep up with Mumsnet!

helenmh · 14/01/2003 13:36

Hi, thanks for your help. It all confirms that it is a lovely island to visit. Does anyone know whether it is better to book a package or book the accommodation and flight separately. Blue waters inn is featured in hayes and jarvis.

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valleygirl · 14/01/2003 14:22

it's usually cheaper to book everything yourself direct - there are charters to Tobago - i think the public can call golden caribbean (01293 567 800) to get flight prices and then e-mail or call the hotel to get a price from them - they often have special internet deals (extras like glass bottom boat ride or snorkelling tours, that sort of stuff, included in the price). what time of year are you thinking of going? Just remember that our summer is the hot, sticky and wet time of year in the Caribbean.

helenmh · 14/01/2003 15:05

Thanks for your tip. We would probably look at next easter. I know we plan ahead! My older son will be in secondary school so we are more tied to school times

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