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Manchester - things to do?

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KMG · 04/01/2003 20:04

I'm taking boys to Manchester for the day on Tuesday. Any tips for the best place(s) to head for?

We're travelling by train, so venues easy walking distance from central railway station preferably, (and the cheaper the better of course!) Boys are 3.5 and 5.5, bright for their age, and love museums and art galleries - preferably more traditional ones, rather than all-singing all-dancing interactive ones. We all hate shopping.

Is the Museum of Science and Industry the best bet? is helpful, but a mum's tip, would be better!

OP posts:
rozzy · 04/01/2003 20:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb · 04/01/2003 22:52

Look at It's free to register and they will tell you all the best places to go with kids, family friendly pubs and restaurants, indoor and outdoor play areas and basically everything you need to know about children and Manchester! I love that city! Have a great time! Know wot I mean like?

Tortington · 05/01/2003 01:01

old trafford? oh my word rozzy behave! and rhuby you sounded distinctly liverpuddlian!
manchester museum is great and free. the science museum does require money.

have good time

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