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anyone been skiing in tamworth ?

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jas · 03/01/2003 12:59

my son is 31/2 yrs old, I want to take him skiing next year and wondered whether anyone had any experience of the indoor skiing places in England

OP posts:
mckenzie · 03/01/2003 14:25

I went to Tamworth a few years ago but only with adults. Some friends of mine went there though with their 2 boys, aged 7 & 9, before their first skiing holiday abroad and loved it. I seem to remember it being rather expensive though but ohterwise a great way to get used to that awful sensation of having ski boots on for the very first time and then trying to walk in them. Can you go midweek? It'll be much quieter so you'll get to do more runs. Good luck.

GillW · 03/01/2003 15:51

Jas - I don't ski often at Tamworth, but I do (or rather did - haven't done much lately) teach at a dry slope not far from there. Lessons (and the slopes as a whole) are always busy from when the clocks change until a couple of weeks before Easter. So if you can time things so your son gets his early lessons in the period May to September, and especially as mckenzie says if you can go midweek/mid-day you'll get better value for money (though as most instructors have "day" jobs too there aren't many lessons on offer then). I've often taught "group" lessons with only one or two people in the summer, whereas it's 10 to 12 in the winter - but the price is the same.

As your DS is only 3 and a half, then waiting another few months won't hurt if you're not thinking of going until 2004 (I presume that's what you mean by "next year" - it's quite early otherwise. Some will get it at that age, if they're physically strong and well co-ordinated, with others it might not be until they're 5 or 6. That's not to say that they might not be able to enjoy it earlier - my DS started at 8 months!

By the way - there is another indoor slope at Milton Keynes if you're definately wanting an indoor one. But the outdoor artificial slopes are usually cheaper places to learn if that's a factor.

There are often discounts available on the list prices at Tamworth - I won't post details of how to get them now (since I nominaly work for a competitor!), but ask if you're interested.

helenl · 03/01/2003 17:04

I live in Tamworth and was looking at the Snowdome site recently for birthday parties, here's the link :
From what I have heard they are pretty accomodating with young children, and there's now an ice rink in the same building if you're feeling adventurous!!!

Alibubbles · 03/01/2003 18:47

Milton keynes snowdome is expensive, it cost DH , DS and a friend about £60 for just an hour!

The boys loved it but DH felt it was expensive for what it is. We have a dry slope at Hemel Hempstead near us, they do group and private lessons and are very good with little ones. It is much much cheaper!!

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