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Pembrokshire...........things to do

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nutcracker · 13/01/2005 12:29

We are going to pembrokshire at the end of Feb for 3 nights 4 days.

A very very very kind person won the break on MN and has given it to me as they couldn't use it.
They are obviuously my gaurdian angel as it's what we all need at the mo.

Anyway, enough wittering, just want to know if anyone reccomends anything in particular ??

Have already found Folly Farm so we'll have a trip there i think, but anything else ??

OP posts:

nutcracker · 13/01/2005 12:51


OP posts:

bundle · 13/01/2005 12:53

whereabouts will you be? i remember as a child visiting Caldy Island (we were staying in Tenby) and it was lovely, a monastery which made perfumes (but then i'm ancient so it may have been redeveloped since then )


catgirl · 13/01/2005 12:54

seem to rember they made chocolate on caldy too! (this is back in the 70s though)


sinclair · 13/01/2005 12:54

Ooh, lucky you nutcracker, there is masses of child friendly stuff to do in the area, and some great pubs for lunch too. Whereabouts are you staying? We were in St Florence (near Tenby) and along with Folly Farm which I thnik we visited twice there is a Dinosaur Park which has indoor play if weather bad, lovely beaches/coastal paths for walks at any time of year, and not sure if you can do this at this time of year but boat trips to outlying islands always fun. Sure someone cleverer than me will link you to the tourist website, but Clary is a frequent visitor to the area so hopefully she will see this and have better ideas! Lucky you tho - enjoy!


sinclair · 13/01/2005 12:56

Forgot to say, the Dial Inn at Lamphey was great for lunch and more than tolerated our small children.


chocfreeclary · 13/01/2005 12:58

yeah, we go to tenby every year and love a day trip to Caldey, on a boat, lovely walking etc.
Also the dinosaur park is good fun, trail round some giant model dinos (bit kitch but the kids like it) and lots of outdoor and indoor play areas too.
Folly farm has excellent adventure playground, one of the very best we've seen (and we see a lot!!)
Beaches of course are fab, tenby, manorbier, pendine, saunderfoot. I know it's feb but still nie to run about/fly a kite etc
We went to Pembroke Castle last time and DS1 (5) was especially interested in the history aspect (henry VII was born there and there are some good tableaux tho some of the stairs are a bit scary with tinies, might be best to leave yr ds (he's 2-ish isn't he?) at the bottom with dh)
lots of nice places to eat with the kids in tenby and country pubs generally.
have a lovely time!


bundle · 13/01/2005 12:59

caldy boats only from easter tho i think...


chocfreeclary · 13/01/2005 13:05

oh, OK, just see i took so long to type that sinclair has posted most of what i said!!
also there is an aquarium in tenby and a swimmign pool if the weather is too terrible. We go in the summer so just spend time on the beach.
There is a thrill type park (can't remember the name) which we haven't visited as ours are a bit young and of course it may be closed.
Ocean Commotion is a soft play place in Tenby town which we have never had cause to visit but might be good for a rainy day too.


nutcracker · 13/01/2005 13:07

God how could i have forgotten Caldy Island. We went there several times when i was little.

Alot of things don't seem to be up and running again until March, nevermind we'll just have to go again.

The cottages are near cardigan i think.

Dinosaur park sounds good, will look for that.

OP posts:

munnzieb · 13/01/2005 13:16

Well theres pembrokshire choc factory.. oooh what's it called, pembertons, that's good, (they give you free choc and you get to see it being made)

er, oak wood, the theme park, but I don't know if it's open or not at the minute.

Can recommend newgale beach - V nice there. (sandy and a pub over the road)


munnzieb · 13/01/2005 13:18

where are you coming to in Pembs? (i'd offer to show you about the place but I have to work) er... waht else.... they do marina trips cardigan Bay way. I think you can go out in the little boats and see the dolphins/seals etc...

we have the usual go carting, ooh and theres a pottery place as well, and a nice country park, which has a big reseviour there as well (about 8 mile hike around it thou so be careful with that one!)

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