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anyone seen Cirque Du Soleil? suitable for a 3 yr old?

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nasa · 05/01/2005 13:12


OP posts:
alicatsg · 05/01/2005 13:16

hmmm - I would say not, its amazing but a touch sinister

nasa · 05/01/2005 13:18

really? that's a shame, I have seen them but it was years ago

OP posts:
beachyhead · 05/01/2005 13:18

Its quite loud, but I think my 3 year old would be OK, probably not for a nervy one....

Miriam2 · 05/01/2005 13:26

Think it's a bit loud, bit scary and bit long. Don't think a 3 year old would be impressed by the humour either (I wasn't!)

Bagpuss30 · 05/01/2005 13:35

Oops! We have just booked tickets for our family including our 2 and 4 year olds. They were both fascinated by the website though which I took to be a good sign.

nasa · 05/01/2005 13:37

are you going to the one in manchester bagpuss?
I'm so tempted. I think Saltimbanco is a more universal one (not as dark as some of the others)?
anyone seen that production?

OP posts:
Bagpuss30 · 05/01/2005 13:41

Yes we are nasa, booked a matinee and the cheapest seats just in case of child related tantrum/disaster .

Have a look at their website if you can, it has clips of most of the shows. ds thinks he's going to see spiderman! (lord, help us).

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 22:52

I went to see Dralion last night and there was a family with young children sitting next to us who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. It's not at all "dark". The clowns were actually quite good (the aforementioned kids were splitting their sides anyway!). Extremely impressive acts. But it is loud, and the score made me feel like punching someone (not really my cup o tea).

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 22:55

Don't know anything about Saltimbanco though sorry

Fran1 · 13/01/2005 23:11

Its FAB!!!

i went to a matinee and there were lots of noisy kiddies there at the time ( i was childless at the time). Its a noisy production so wouldn't upset the audience if your children wanted to make a bit of noise.

I think a confident 3 yr old who is capable of sitting still that long would love it. Can't recall anything too scary except for the acrobats swinging towards your head (made me duck!)

Not for a shy and retiring 3 yr old.

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 23:12

did you see saltimbanco or dralion?

ThomCat · 13/01/2005 23:12

I would say no. i'm well up for introducing young kids to adult things like theatre etc but there are moments when a woman balances on her hand moving her body around in mad ways for ages that would really bore a 3 yr old. I wouldn't take anyone under 10 to see this I don't think.

ThomCat · 13/01/2005 23:13

Oh, and I saw Dralion.

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 23:15

Really TC? These kids sitting next to me looked about 4 and 6 and they were captivated. The twisty chinese girl only does her thing for 5 mins, and there are always lots of other characters on stage to look at at any one time if you get bored.

I did find the clowns a bit tiresome though.

Fran1 · 13/01/2005 23:17

I'm sorry i cannot remember which one i went to see. It was a few years ago now.

It was very upbeat and moved quickly from act to act with good variety of entertainment, i'll go look at the website and see if i can recognise the name.

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 23:18

The juggler dude was amazing

Fran1 · 13/01/2005 23:19

ok can anyone tell me the web address?

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 23:20

Cirque du Soleil website

ThomCat · 13/01/2005 23:22

Oh well maybe I'm wrong then. I just can't see a 3 yr old being there.

Fran1 · 13/01/2005 23:22


It was Quidam i went to see, so apologies no help to you really!!

spacedonkey · 13/01/2005 23:23

mind you, it's a long time since mine were 3 - I'm probably forgetting how short their attention span is at that age

i remember taking ds to a concert in an old church once when he was about 4 and he was driven so crazy with boredom he started chewing the pew

ThomCat · 13/01/2005 23:25

I think my 'under 10' comment might be going too far but still wouldn't take a 3 yr old and DP agrees.

SecondhandRose · 14/01/2005 14:35

We have seen La Nouba and took a 5 and 9 year old. It was fab. tickets expensive though and experience probably wasted on 5 yr old. I wouldn't take a little one.

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