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Anyone been to Hawaii?

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Springchicken · 04/01/2005 12:27

DP and I are looking into honeymoon destinations and I am now stuck between Hawaii (Waikiki area) or Dubai/Mauritius/Bahamas.

I know this is a complete mish mash of places but we both agree although it would be lovely to go to some idilic, remote place we would both get bored after a week.
So we are looking for somewhere luxury, on the beach, relaxing but with the option of other things to occupy ourselves with at close proximity.

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Mum2girls · 04/01/2005 12:30

Been to Hawaii - loved it, but wasn't overly keen on Waikiki - very commercialised - stayed in Maui (sp?) which was idyllic. Lucky you - dp and I have always said we'd love to return. We stayed in the ground floor of someone's house - had a pool, hot tub, surfing facilities (not used!). Would definitely recommend.

Springchicken · 04/01/2005 12:38

Thanks Mum2girls.
We are set in stone on Waikiki - it's just that we knew it would be more commercialised.

Im being a pit of a pain in the arse about it really as i want somewhere tranquil and peaceful but don't want to run the risk of getting bored.

OP posts:
Mum2girls · 04/01/2005 12:40

Springchicken - I'm being a bit hard on waikiki - if I was offered it tomorrow I'd go, but it's just that Maui was more picturesque - there's plenty to do on both islands. I'm sooooo jealous!!

jofeb04 · 04/01/2005 16:40

just to throw another place in, we went to Jamaca, its not so "british" over there iykwim!!
We went all inclusive over there, the rooms were lovely, and they have many couples only resorts. Its also cheaper than most of the irelands, but thats only as its not as well known. The beaches were perfect, the swim-up bar was amazing!! Oh yea, and the weather was hot!!
We also flew first class out there, free drinks on the plane etc.

kangasantamummy · 04/01/2005 16:48

we went to HYATT REGENCY HOTEL WAIKIKI for honeymoon 13 years ago and went back again 2002 with DS.

Ok ok it is waikiki

but it is just over the road from beach literally a stone throw

Highly recommend it and if you want more info would be happy to passs it on.

we stay in the EWA tower and had a sea view as well as a view for people watching walking along.

Some waikiki hotels say they are by the beach but are a walk but this is really by the beach.

Brill chinese restaurant too.

we loved it. went for day trips by plane to other islands and yes they are beautiful and tranquil but if you realise what you are going to then Hyatt is brill.

codswallop · 04/01/2005 16:49

he has!!

kangasantamummy · 04/01/2005 16:56

hyatt regency

kangasantamummy · 04/01/2005 17:03

btw if you hire a car you can drive around the island and find a small little bay and have it all to yourself.

Last time we were there we saw whales just off the coast as we had just stopped to admire the view.

colinsmommy · 04/01/2005 17:04

Waikiki? Not my favorite place at all. I guess if you have your heart set, though. Might want to take a day trip to the North Shore, though. The beaches are much better. I really liked Turtle Bay Resort . There's lots to do there even if you aren't a guest of the hotel. But Oahu doesn't compare to the other islands IMO.

kangasantamummy · 04/01/2005 17:16

colinsmommy I do agree with you that waikiki is busy etc

but we liked the fact that it was near to the beach

also we think that if you want to go to waikiki then to be able to be over the road is absolutley brill.

Also the HYATT is at the quieter end of resort.

And I think it is a 5 {or it may be 4} hotel

to the warm pacific ocean we went in the ocean at night still warm and very clear so you could see your feet.

If you go then throw your lei into the ocean and you will return again one day

MeerkatsUnite · 05/01/2005 07:53

Hi Springchicken,

Waikiki is very much like any other American city on the mainland - it is very built up and commercialised. Having said that though, if this is what you want then I'd go for it as well. I've been there a couple of times now and have enjoyed each visit there.

Waikiki is part of the island of Oahu and out of Waikiki itself it tends to be a lot quieter in comparison.

Flight time from LA is around 6 hours. It is not a short hop across from the Mainland!!.


Discoinferno · 05/01/2005 08:09

We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki it was lovely. It was literally on the beach. We went for 7 days and felt that was too long. We went on a sunset cruise whcih was lovely and also went out to the sight of the pearl harbour. WE also went to a luau (sp?) which was nice too. HTH

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