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Cold nights in France

16 replies

gosh2 · 09/12/2002 22:04

Can anyone advise, we are about to go off to France. It will be cold, house has no central heating - eeek! We have a 4 month old baby, I have just bought a grobag. What else can I put on baby at night? To keep babe snuggy?

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 09/12/2002 22:50

My baby (10 wks) sleeps with me under our nice warm duvet. I figure it's ok since she's with me. Our ds did the same until 6 mo.

Tissy · 10/12/2002 09:24

If its a 2.5 tog Grobag, and the house is very cold, how about long sleeve vest/ body suit, baby grow, cardigan and hat/ mitts?

KeepingMum · 10/12/2002 09:39

We went camping in French Alps when ds was 8 weeks, it was -5C one night! He had a fleece grobag (that my mum made so no idea what tog), and a few blankets. He also wore gloves, I don't think I let him wear a hat as I was worried he would overheat! I can't tell you if he was too hot or cold, but he definitely slept better then than when we got back, probably all the fresh mountain air.

gosh2 · 10/12/2002 10:03


Good idea about the cardigan think I will add that. I have some pure wool ones that I was given.

I have been worried about this. Will do mittens as well as nothing worse than little cold hands touching you when feeding!

OP posts:
suedonim · 10/12/2002 10:26

If you're going by car could you take a fan heater and adaptor plug with you? Then you could warm the room before getting into bed. Also, if your baby sleeps apart from you, pre-warm his cot before you put him in.

sml2 · 10/12/2002 13:05

I'd buy an electric convector heater with thermostat and keep the room warm at night.

sml2 · 09/01/2003 13:28

gosh2 - how did you get on? It was very mild wasn't it.

gosh2 · 09/01/2003 15:37


we got on great, I still wrapped her up really well. Tights, cardi, grow bag. Her little hands and face were cold in the mornings but yes we were lucky weatherwise.

But she has a sniffle, and a cough, but bunged up nose is difficult. What can I give her to ease it.

The French pharmacist gave me stuff for the cough, but the nose is a prob.

Any advise, dont want stuff that you rub onto chest I need chemicals for her!

OP posts:
aloha · 09/01/2003 16:03

Saline nose drops from the chemist or your dr will unbung a nose. Babies usually hate them, however.

gosh2 · 09/01/2003 16:45

saline drops - nonsense! Got them they are as much use as a chocolate teapot

OP posts:
sml2 · 09/01/2003 17:51

I never found anything that worked for unbunging tiny noses, except sleeping in an over heated room which seems to dry up anyone's nose pretty fast.

SoupDragon · 09/01/2003 18:07

Supposedly putting EBM in the nostrils like saline drops works in the same way - makes them sneeze the snot out

Medised Infant used to be good but I'm not sure you can get it any more.

janh · 10/01/2003 10:18

Those suction bulb things work very well but they make the baby jump a bit!

NikkiD · 24/01/2003 17:11

A couple of drops of Eucalyptus Smithii essential oil on a tissue in the room helps to unblock baby noses. But don't use Eucalyptus Globulus as this is too strong (but great for adults).

grommit · 24/01/2003 19:14

I know someone who used to suck their baby's nose... (yuch)

willow2 · 24/01/2003 22:14

You're getting a bit Angela's Ashes for my liking Grommit!

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