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Finding a family holiday has become a stupidly epic mission of nightly Internet research

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Indecisivelurcher · 22/09/2023 21:11

We've not even narrowed it down!

One evening we're looking at ferry and drive to Brittany to do a eurocamp type hol, of which there are many. Pros - cheaper, more natural beaches, nice towns to explore, great pools for kids, kids can play, we can sit out in the evening. Cons - apparently France is expensive and can be difficult to eat out with kids, weather unpredictable, don't know if the campsites are crammed in or spacious, trip adviser reviews all seem to be dire, i would have to do all the driving...

So next evening we're like, oh how about Eurocamp in Spain then - cheaper to eat out, sunny, but lots of cabarat shows which scare dh, need to fly, they all seem to be 2hr+ from the airport so need to hire a car...

So then, oh if we're flying anyway, what about jet2 or tui so they sort your transfer, but they look to be more than we can afford, high rise hotels, can't sit out while the kids play, less local experience.

Now somehow I've been looking at Croatia, which wasn't even on my list, no idea about anything.

I used to love looking all this up, and even thought about doing it as a job, in another life. But this just seems really impossible to sort and a bit stressful!

Wonder if it's too much pressure as we've not been abroad for quite a few years. The kids are see slide, want slide. Dh shudders at entertainment. I want space. Maybe it can't be done.

OP posts:
cherryassam · 24/09/2023 21:33

But I do also realise that I might be being swayed by having lots of mixed weather French campsite holidays as a child and having to spend a good amount of time visiting north west France due to family.

Its worth pricing up a driving to Eurocamp holiday and seeing what it would cost.

LittleMy77 · 24/09/2023 23:31

Madeira? we went with jet2 to a complex where you could stay in a hotel, self catered apartments or junior suites / studios (look at Porto Bay hotel chain)

It had great pools, tennis court, was near the town, nice food, lots of easy day trips and not as expensive as UK (or France) to eat out etc

Weather is about 23-26c even in middle of summer

Cascais · 24/09/2023 23:59

eurocamp france

Xmasbaby11 · 25/09/2023 00:22

I would go with eurocamp France. We first did it when dd were 8 and 10 and it was perfect. La Vallee in houlgate, Normandy. Short drive from Caen port.

we didn’t go far or eat out much but really enjoyed the site, the pools and entertainment! Looking at going again this year but to the Loire valley.

Batalax · 25/09/2023 00:47

Duinrell in the Netherlands. Either direct with them in their duinglows or with eurocamp type companies. Overnight stena ferry to the hook of Holland and day ferry back. You can use Tesco vouchers. Last week of august is cheaper as European kids are back at school.

It’s set in the middle of a theme park and also has the most amazing pool complex with all sorts of slides and rides. It’s a 5 minute walk to the little town and a lovely beach is a mile or two away. They have bike hire and you can even hire go karts for the kids to use around the site. Easy access to quaint towns such as Delft and not far from Amsterdam if you fancy a day trip. Amazing model village day out nearby too.

Cant recommend it enough. Have also enjoyed Dutch and German center parcs too. Again last week of August much cheaper. A week is often less than the cost if a long weekend n the uk. Landal sites also recommended. We went to a lovely one in Belgium.

Peaceandquietfinally · 25/09/2023 00:57

Just pick a destination,go on and book accommodation. Your children are an easy age to please. We took our children at that age to Majorca and found our happy place .Now 20 years later we still love it there and adult children now come with us or whizz out on their own . We have been to many other destinations but this place is very special.

sep135 · 25/09/2023 03:45

Just pick a destination,go on and book accommodation.

That would be very simple but fills me with the fear. I'd start off with the booking,com reviews and, however much I'd try to resist it, I'd take a sneaky peak at Trip Advisor and the process starts again...

In fairness, my TA addiction has resulted in some amazing holidays. But it can also fuel disappointment if a place doesn't quite live up to its reviews. Thought I'd found the perfect hotel chain in Ikos but the second time wasn't quite as perfect as the first. I definitely put far too more store on holidays and need to chill out and enjoy it whatever.

BarbaraofSeville · 25/09/2023 04:08

I never read any reviews, except to amuse myself about the trivialities and irrelevances that people will give bad reviews for.

Just about everywhere is going to be cleaner than my own house and most people have different food preferences to me.

I filter by price and overall 8/10 on or 4 or more on TA and then check the things that are important to me like being in walking distance to supermarket, restaurants and other amenities, local food rather than burgers, beige and chips and a balcony or terrace if it's a hot weather holiday. Has worked well so far.

converseandjeans · 25/09/2023 10:15

Try Landal or Centerparcs Europe if you don't want 'entertainment'.

We like Huttopia as they are chilled out. Pools are smaller though with no slides. They are a bit like forest holidays but half the price.

Duinrell in Holland is great but weather won't be much better than UK. Overnight Harwich crossing was really easy & we got a cabin.

Chewbecca · 25/09/2023 10:27

For your budget I would drive to a French campsite, to a mobile home. This one is nice in the Loire which is not as far as the Dordogne but beautiful. You can walk to restaurants too which is fairly unusual. Château, vineyards, very pretty towns, kayaking. Some restaurants are reasonable, I would plan to eat out sometimes, takeaway (rotisserie chicken) others plus an occasional home cooked meal.

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