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Is going on the M1 at 6pm on a Friday evening asking for trouble?

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tammyBEARinggifts · 07/12/2004 21:30

Probably a very stupid question Grin I am going into London, but will this make any difference? Will it be mega busy?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 07/12/2004 21:35

If past 2 weeks are anything to go by, then I suspect the answer will be YES!

PILs went down 2 weeks ago, a friend last weekend. Both were stuck intraffic down the M1 on and off from Junction 31 (near Sheffield) down to London (M3?) and M25 junctions. Took them ages :(

Sorry - not the answer you want though.

tammyBEARinggifts · 07/12/2004 21:40

Thanks hula, i just suddenly thought after I was planning my trip out that I may be hitting traffic wanting to leave at 6.

When would a good time to go be, after 7pm?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 07/12/2004 21:41

As late as you can leave it. Although others living down there may know better, but when friends visit us then try and avoid being on the M25 and lower parts of M1 before 7 if they can help it.

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