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Destination ideas for Oct with kids - a bit picky.

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EezyOozy · 11/03/2023 13:03

Hi all, I’m wondering if people can suggest ideas I might not have thought of. We don’t know where we want to go in October. Scottish school holidays… But we do know we want:

Child, friendly hotel with warm swimming pool (last time I went on holiday. My girls would not go in the pool despite having wetsuits, they were on heated and it was October and they were absolutely freezing)

ideally can fly from Edinburgh.

To be close to or on the edge of a town. We have stayed in resorts in the middle of nowhere, and ended up spending lots on Ubers to go places outside of the resort… We are not people that could spend the entire time in a resort! I think this is possibly the toughest requirement as the child friendly places seem to be further out…

Decent vegetarian, food options. We are all vegetarian / vegan

short walk to a beach

Not actually bothered about length of a flight. The kids managed really well on the plane, and it was probably one of the more relaxing bits of the last holiday once we got through the queueing at the airport!

I had thought about Greek islands, but I think a lot of stuff closes down by about September doesn’t it? I also thought about Cyprus but wondered about things being a bit cold e.g. swimming pools.

Total budget would be about £5000 for nine or 10 notes.

Thank you very much.

OP posts:
EezyOozy · 11/03/2023 13:07

From Edinburgh you can go to lots of Greek places , Cyprus , cancun , bodrum

OP posts:
Februaryschild2023 · 11/03/2023 13:47

We went to ikos Olivia in.mid October (halkidiki) weather was great, pools heated, and it a lovely hotel. Think mid October Greece is still a good bet

EezyOozy · 11/03/2023 16:13

That’s great I will have a look thank you!

OP posts:
purpleboy · 11/03/2023 16:18

Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, Caribbean (although end of hurricane season) Cape Verde?

Fivemoreminutes1 · 11/03/2023 17:30

Tui Blue Palm Garden in Turkey is within walking distance of a little village with a few places to eat and souvenir shops etc… There’s also good public transport to some towns - it only took us 20 minutes to get to Side and I think even less than that to get to another town. As a vegetarian, I had lots of options and I’m certain that many of them were vegan too.

Twilightstarbright · 12/03/2023 07:25

Cyprus would be a good option for you.

minipie · 12/03/2023 21:57

Almyra Cyprus. Heated pool and walkable to Paphos. Good kids club.

Not sure about budget

PizzaPastaWine · 12/03/2023 23:44

I wouldn't feel confident in guaranteeing the weather that I would want in Europe.

In the end of October temperatures are usually around 20 degrees in the southern greek islands and this wouldn't be warm enough for me. The sun also gets sooner and the evenings are cool.

Midlander01 · 15/03/2023 18:21

Have been to Majorca several times in mid October (Scottish half term) and weather has mainly been great, loads to do and pools/sea nice and warm.

rookiemere · 15/03/2023 18:24

If it's October half term, I'd be looking at Canaries for guaranteed warmth.

We stayed at the Seaside Los Jameos in October in Lanzarote and think it ticks a lot of your boxes. Heated pool, good food including vegetarian options, right beside a beach and a bigger resort about 4 km away, but some minor shops/bars/ restaurants on your doorstep.

HormonalHetty · 15/03/2023 18:27

Protarus, Cyprus ( east side) is lovely and warm in October. We went 14th-21st and had amazing hot weather. Warm evenings, no cardigans needed at all. Food is really good there too 😊

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