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Madiera In December??? How Hot/cold??

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KatieMaChristmas · 05/12/2004 22:05

I'm very lucky to be going to Maderia on 27th December...what clothes do I need to take..what will the weather be like?
Help Please

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KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 08:39


please tell me what to pack

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KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 18:43

Is it just that everyone is so jealous that they won't answer.....or has no-one been to Madiera

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Yorkiegirl · 06/12/2004 18:46

I have never been to Madeira but it looks nice. Hope you have a lovely time! Grin


tiredemma · 06/12/2004 20:08

it will be like the uk in april/may, fairly mild but you will need a jacket for the evening. temps about 60/65 degrees


KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 20:12

Thanks Tiredemma.....thats a real help....I've got a (small) chance of packing the right stuff Grin

Thanks Yorkiemum...I am SO looking forward to it (it's one of my 2 weeks holiday each yearSad)

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tiredemma · 06/12/2004 20:16

keep an eye on and put in madeira, they will give you up to date reports closer to the time, where in madeira are you staying?


KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 20:18

I think it's funchal (sp) that's the capitol I was cheaper than Tenerife...I'm a bit fed up with's so english iyswim

I'm not sure now if Maderia was a good choice

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tiredemma · 06/12/2004 20:27

the whole island is nice really, lots of flowers etc, not barren like tenerife. the beaches are not very nice, but there is a huge lido in funchal, its a very peaceful island and although funchal is the capital, its not a sprawling city and is really relaxed, lots of nice bars, restuarants. its nice, im sure you will like it


KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 20:48

It will 'feel' abroad tho' won't it
Tenerife 'feels' a bit like Blackpool....

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tiredemma · 06/12/2004 20:51

tenerife is a dive, i dont like the canaries, i think they are extremly overrated.
it will be nothing like blackpool, i think you will be surprised at actually how pretty it is.


KatieMaChristmas · 06/12/2004 20:54

Thanks - when I go away I would really like DD to think that it is very different (not just like home)

Thanks again Smile

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