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Where to go in cornwall

24 replies

Susieblue18 · 14/01/2023 11:01

I live in Scotland and never been to Cornwall but would like to go in the summer. I have teenage boys and would probably book a cottage. Where would be the best base and should we hire a car to get around? Thanks

OP posts:

LlynTegid · 14/01/2023 11:03

Unless you are in a town centre (say Redruth, Truro or St Ives) you will be limited without a car.

Look at hotel or guest house options as well I suggest. Where to stay I think depends on what you are looking to do and visit whilst there.


OhhhhhhhhBiscuits · 14/01/2023 11:05

You will need a car to get around. Public transport is shit in Cornwall.

Depends what your teens like to do with regards to where to stay. What do they want from the holiday? Beaches? Activities?


Ohhelpicantthinkofaname · 14/01/2023 11:29

I would hire a car. The north coast of Cornwall is great if your teens like surfing/body boarding, beautiful big beaches. Newquay has a great surfer vibe (and the Ben and jerrys ice cream parlour, which dd1 loves). But it does get very busy in summer.

north Cornwall has the Eden project and the adrenaline quarry, which is great for teens.

In the south is st. Ives, lovely, but will be packed in summer. St Michaels mount, lands end. Most of Cornwall has beautiful beaches. Towan bay has crystal clear water.

the downside is that it will be extortionately expensive. We’re going abroad for a week in the summer hols for less than the price of a bronze caravan at haven in cornwall for the same week. 🤷‍♀️


bubblehun · 14/01/2023 12:38

Newquay is chav central.
Look at Bude, just on the Devon/Cornwall border, great beaches, lovely town.
Fowey & Falmouth also lovely, just further on.


GameofLifer111 · 14/01/2023 12:42

Come to Falmouth. You can get the train to Truro for a day out!

You can visit the beaches, Pendennis Castle, maritime museum and maybe a taxi down to Glendurgan / Trebah.

Even on Summer stormy days you can go into town, have fish and chips or maybe go to the pub for a stormy sea watch by the fire.

Falmouth has Sea Shanties and all sorts going on in the Summer and you can hire bikes x


MrsSkylerWhite · 14/01/2023 12:43

St. Ives


GameofLifer111 · 14/01/2023 12:43

Oh and you can catch the passenger ferry across to St Mawes where you can walk through the village, go pub or even walk to St Mawes Castle for great views of Falmouth!



GameofLifer111 · 14/01/2023 12:45

Your teens will LOVE paddleboarding and kayaking all around The Fal River! Lots to hire and adventures to be had.

Anyway, I've made myself fancy a walk by the beach by writing all of this (even though its gloomy and stormy 🤣)

Enjoy Cornwall wherever you go x


Ohhelpicantthinkofaname · 14/01/2023 14:15

bubblehun · 14/01/2023 12:38

Newquay is chav central.
Look at Bude, just on the Devon/Cornwall border, great beaches, lovely town.
Fowey & Falmouth also lovely, just further on.

😂😂 no it isn’t. It’s just popular with tourists. It’s a nice lively place for teens, but maybe not as refined as some other places.


Underparmummy · 14/01/2023 18:09

Perranporth is the most amazing beach imo.

I agree that the kids would love Newquay and there is Fristral Beach for surfing and the amazing fish house restaurant!

Mawgan Porth was very lovely but there is a lot of building going on at the moment (still a great beach and we always have a good time in Catch the restaurant there)


BellyDancer124 · 14/01/2023 18:16

I was actually thinking about Penzance for a long weekend, without a car. Would pp recommend? Smile


Yellowcakestand · 14/01/2023 18:27

Hayle. The 3 mile Beach and coastal walks are amazing. 6 miles from St ives. About 10-15min drive to St Erth Station.


Floralnomad · 14/01/2023 18:31

You will definitely need a car , In the nicest sense it really is a backwater . We went to the Minack for a show last year and when we were driving back to our hotel it was like we were the only people awake , even all the houses were in darkness .


Cornishmumofone · 14/01/2023 18:32

I agree that Hayle is the place to go. It's on the main train line, so easy to get to Penzance, Truro, St Ives etc.


bubblehun · 14/01/2023 18:38

@Ohhelpicantthinkofaname I was one of the chavs who used to go to RTTS festival there every year so I am coming from a place of experience 🤣

OP wherever you go you'll need a car. I live on the Devon/Cornwall border & the village I live in there is a bus... twice a week...


Lulu1919 · 14/01/2023 18:42

Carbis bay
Headland Road area..lots of places to rent
Awesome beach to walk to - with beach cafe etc
Local little station for train to St Ives can walk to !
Big Tesco off the main road ..need a car
Hotel on the beach for a meal or coffee or spa day


midgetastic · 14/01/2023 18:43

Go early to miss the English school holidays ?


Lulu1919 · 14/01/2023 18:43

Stay in Falmouth ....close to the town ...can walk then and busses along the coast


LadyFlumpalot · 14/01/2023 19:37

Sennen is my happy place. But, you will definitely need a car. Huge beautiful beach with a surf school, amazing walks, Geevor Tin Mine is a surprisingly interesting day out. Best fish and chip shop I have ever known is just outside Sennen and you can visit Botallack and the Crown Engine Houses. Steer clear of Lands End however, it's a huge con. Or at least, walk there and avoid the amusement arcade.


Susieblue18 · 14/01/2023 21:03

Thanks all, that’s a lot of helpful info. Will go early July so before the English holidays 😊

OP posts:

Happydays321 · 15/01/2023 10:23

Agree with sennen but make sure you had yourself in sennen cove not sennen.


lovescats3 · 20/03/2023 12:29

Probably need to hire a car


seathewayahead · 20/03/2023 18:19

You can do Penzance or st Ives without a car easily. Just get the train. The coaster bus is pretty good and goes all round west penwith so lands end, zennor etc. you could also go to Falmouth.


seathewayahead · 20/03/2023 18:23

And Newquay isn't chav central, it just has a lot of holiday makers particularly from the north. There's a lot to do and cheaper hotels than other harbour towns. There's more for teenagers to do, arcades, mini golf, surfing, coasteering and even diving. You can rent jetskis at lusty glaze (there's seven different beaches walkable from the town centre). You can get the branch line train across from the mainline and then a taxi to your hotel, you don't need a car.

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