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Family Friendly hotels in London

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Lizann · 12/11/2002 09:44

Hi, could anyone recommend a family friendly hotel in central London. We are planning a weekend in the Spring with our two "lively" sons aged 4 and 8. I have checked some of the hotel websites but would value some personal recommendations. Thanks!

OP posts:
Batters · 12/11/2002 13:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina · 12/11/2002 14:02

Lizann, a bargain, good quality hotel in the centre of things would be the Travelodge that is in part of the former County Hall complex. Right by the London Eye, opposite Houses of Parliament etc. No atmosphere, but guaranteed to be clean, spacious etc. I am a big fan of the Travelodge chain but have not stayed in that one. HTH

kkgirl · 12/11/2002 16:14

I was going to start a similar thread as we are planning to take our three to London too next year to show them around.
Any ideas for a large family room type suite.
Sorry Lizann not meaning to hijack your thread

bundle · 12/11/2002 16:23

what a good idea Marina. My friend stayed there for the millennium night & had no complaints. and it's above the aquarium, which I love

soyabean · 12/11/2002 18:57

Just wondering: I live in central london, depending on where you are maybe a house swap for a w/e wd be possible? HAvent done it before, dont know if other mumsnetters have tried this?

lou33 · 12/11/2002 19:04

Isn't there a Butlins Hotel in London somewhere?

pluto · 12/11/2002 19:41

Novotel (French Chain) are good. They have family rooms. There's a Novotel at Waterloo, close to the London Eye, Aquarium etc.

Lindy · 12/11/2002 20:23

If you have a Barclaycard you can get 'leisure vouchers' with your points, these can then be used for Travel Inns - I am staying at the County Hall one at the end of the month, a family room is £80 (No parking/breakfast) but they are very comfortable. We always pay in full with leisure vouchers (DH used Barclaycard extensively for work expenses so we get loads of 'points'.

Rhiannon · 12/11/2002 21:01

For the best position in London but not the best prices but not the worst either, I'd recommend Le Meridien Piccadilly, it is right by Leicester Square and spitting distance from Regent St. It has a swimming pool (not many hotels in London can boast that) and Champneys spa. Rooms do get advertised on currently £165 per room per night.

lou33 · 12/11/2002 21:07

You could also try this site for discounted rooms and accommodation.

cos · 12/11/2002 21:28

Lizann, I can recomend the Landmark hotel, beside madam tussauds, they have the biggest hotel rooms in London and are often discounted on lasminute .com. We payed the same for one huge fabulous room there as a terrible family suite in a holiday inn in bloomsbury. And I could'nt recommend the meridian picadilly, i thought the rooms were poke and the traffic very noisy

cos · 12/11/2002 21:29


Lizann · 13/11/2002 09:59

Thanks everyone for the recommendations, I'll follow them up. Soyabean, thanks for the suggestion of a house swop. Don't be offended but the kids are so looking forward to staying in a hotel - I'd hate to disappoint them. In any case, I am from Ireland so I don't know how you'd feel about travelling here for the weekend! kkgirl, no problem about hijacking the thread.

OP posts:
soyabean · 13/11/2002 21:58

Lizann Not offended at all, it was just a thought! Hope you have a good trip.

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